EXCLUSIVE: Gabbi Garcia Reveals Her Miss Universe Dreams

EXCLUSIVE: Gabbi Garcia Reveals Her Miss Universe Dreams


Gabbi Garcia is finally making her Miss Universe dreams into a reality—not with a crown to wear, but a microphone to hold as one of this year’s esteemed hosts

Hope and eagerness are in Gabbi Garcia’s eyes when the subject of joining the world of pageantry comes up. Her responses always play around the lines of “I don’t know” to “We’ll see.” But if life had turned differently for the actress, it is no question that we would know Gabbi Garcia for her stellar performances on the pageant stage. And soon, we will; but it’s not the crown that she’s chasing. Gabbi Garcia is actually coming after the microphone as part of this year’s roster of hosts. 

Gabbi Garcia hosting skills talent Miss Universe Philippines host
Gabbi Garcia, Parañaque, host!

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A Redirected Dream

When asked about her possibility of joining pageants, Gabbi does not play sly. It had always been a definite yes for her. But with her initial profession as an actress with multiple endorsements and commitments on the side, she has a lot to consider as a potential candidate. But with her upcoming stint as a host, she will also be standing alongside the contenders as if she were a representative of her hometown. 

Gabbi Garcia hosting skills talent Miss Universe Philippines host
Gabbi’s morena beauty is pageant ready, and bound for a win at that

“I’m really excited about it, Garcia gushes, her face lighting up. “I actually asked for it for the longest time. Sabi ko, ‘Kahit host lang! I really want to try!’ So, here we are.” 

Gabbi’s Journey to the Crown

While the actress has yet to reveal her actual designation for the coronation night, she is taking the time to enjoy the process of getting familiar with the world of pageantry. She teases, “I’ve collaborated with my whole team for our different looks for it. I’m looking forward to playing around with my beauty and styling looks for the coronation night.”

Just like a true contender vying for the crown, the Kapuso star is also preparing for the competition mentally. “I researched about the girls and their advocacies. I also took note of what happens in the main stage, at the sidelines, and at the back,” she shares. “Knowing that I’ll be hosting with Tim Yap and Alden Richards, they’re good friends whom I know way back. I’m really excited to be working with them for this one.”

Gabbi Garcia hosting skills talent Miss Universe Philippines host
Gabbi and her team have planned several looks for her as the co-host at the Miss Universe Philippines 2024

Of course, a conversation with her so-called Twin—the reigning Miss Universe Philippines queen Michelle Dee—was also part of her preparation process. “I asked her simple questions like if I really needed to memorize all the girls’ names, all those simple questions,” she says. “Syempre, this is my first time and I have a lot of things to learn as well. Meanwhile, this is Michelle’s forte, so it was really nice to be able to talk to her. She also made me feel comfortable and confident about it.”

A Promising Path

Although her upcoming stint is Gabbi’s first official induction as a host, she has done a few tries here and there on various platforms. During the pandemic, she and her partner, Khalil Ramos, started a food YouTube series called Front Seat Foodies. The fans got a glimpse of Gabbi’s side as a foodie and conversationalist through their episodes from Alabang to Pampanga. The couple also began a podcast called Figure It Out, where they got to know more about each other on their specific takes towards certain topics each episode. 

As of now, both projects are on hiatus due to a slight reforming of the concept, but Gabbi has an answer for those who are requesting for a comeback. “We already shot something, but we’ll see,” she informs MEGA, smiling excitedly for her next move in a hopeful tomorrow. 

Photos: GABBI GARCIA; Featured Image Photography KIERAN PUNAY

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