EXCLUSIVE: How Gabbi Garcia Gets Her Morena Skin to Glow During Summer

EXCLUSIVE: How Gabbi Garcia Gets Her Morena Skin to Glow During Summer


For the morena girls, Gabbi Garcia is no gatekeeper when it comes to her beauty secrets. She swears by these tips to keep her brown skin healthy and glowing in the summer

Having morena skin often comes with acute attention to the physical self, so it’s important to keep it vibrant, healthy, and looking good. And while the Filipina brown skin tends to be more healthy-looking naturally, it doesn’t mean it’s any less fragile. Actress and artist Gabbi Garcia talks to MEGA about taking care of her beautiful tan skin, and how she celebrates her color in all its glory through three beauty tips that all morena girls can bask in.

Actress Gabbi Garcia has never shied away from her morena skin—in fact, she celebrates it

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Invest in Good Skincare and Makeup

Her non-negotiable? A clean canvas is a must. No one wants to look caked with products, so Gabbi’s go-to is to use skin-caring makeup. This novelty of getting a nourishing upgrade in the beauty department by essentially fusing two products into one made her submit her own iteration in the market—so, Five Beauty was born. The brand, founded by herself, Veronica Eala, and Isabel Regino, fuses the artistry of makeup with the science of skincare together. Plus, for the modern Filipina, Gabbi’s philosophy is to cater to a wide range of Filipino skin tones, not just her own, and to contribute to the celebration of the morena skin across the nation.

“Makeup and skincare can go together. And that’s what we rally for. You don’t have to mess up your skin to look good or pretty. You can do both,” Gabbi tells MEGA.

Gabbi swears by a good skin-caring makeup products to achieve a healthy glow

For the morena-skinned actress, good makeup goes hand in hand with good skincare. It is the symbiotic use of both that makes her look radiant and even-toned, so the products Gabbi uses with her brand Five Beauty give her both simultaneously. 

“I also believe that everyone can be beautiful in such an easy way, hence the multi-color stick,” Gabbi declares. “I’m such a low-maintenance girl when it comes to applying my makeup in my everyday life; so, no need for an extensive routine and different products—just the skincare combined with makeup will do for me.”

Sunscreen is the Key

When the combo of good skincare and makeup gives you the seamless finish and weightless feel it promises, the next step is making sure this effect lasts. That smooth, filtered-like face does not happen overnight, though. A key point to note from Gabbi’s talk with MEGA is that wearing a strong SPF daily is paramount to protecting the morena skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, because heads up—darker skin tones are just as prone to sun damage as those with lighter complexions.

The actress encourages all girls, no matter the skin tone, to put on sunscreen before going out in the sun

In this heat, the actress encourages her fellow morena-skinned beauties to apply a good protective layer of SPF. “A lot of the time, they say, ‘Okay lang ‘yan, morena naman na ako, I don’t need sunscreen,’ but that’s not true at all,” Gabbi says. “Everyone needs SPF—especially in our country’s climate.”

Inadequate sun protection can give your skin a mottled appearance, so check out that sunscreen you’ve been eyeing.

Choose the Right Shades

Finally, finding the best makeup is all about choosing the right colors to complement the skin tone. Experimenting with different shades is a fun and exciting way to shake up the beauty routine. But for Gabbi, it’s all about embracing the depth of the morena skin that comes with sticking to the red-orange color family. “As a morena, I prefer shades on the coral or terracotta side; I feel like it’s flattering with warm skin tones,” she tells MEGA. The natural tones do go fantastically well with the sun-tanned skin, highlighting its radiance and dimension.

Gabbi knows the best shades that complement her morena skin tone—coral and terracotta

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