EXCLUSIVE: How Mich Dulce Reimagines the Amish in Her New Collection

EXCLUSIVE: How Mich Dulce Reimagines the Amish in Her New Collection


From wrangling with latex to giving a cheeky nod to plain living, discover how designer Mich Dulce reimagines the Amish with a Filipino twist in this MEGA exclusive

The Amish are known for eschewing modern technology: they favor horse-drawn buggies over Lamborghinis, churning butter over Spotify playlists, and hand-sewing quilts instead of scrolling through Instagram. It’s a quaint lifestyle where community suppers trump gourmet dining, and barn raisings are the original team-building exercises. In this world, Sunday church services are the social highlight of the week, and craftsmanship is valued above all else. Mich Dulce celebrates this ethos with her new collection, “Reimagining the Amish”. The designer shares her insights into the creative process behind this collection, turning simplicity into a statement.

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Mich Dulce reimagines the Amish for her new collection

“I’ve always been fascinated with the Amish and their restrictions in terms of dress—that they are only allowed to wear certain colors and styles,” Dulce explains. “I guess I find working with limitations interesting and inspiring!” Embracing the Amish aesthetic of layering and aprons, the designer integrates these elements into her designs while adding her own touches of bows, ruffles, drapes, and yes, even latex. The result is a collection that winks at simplicity, then turns up the volume on femininity to eleven. 

Japanese twill adds femininity
Handwoven piña is a staple for the designer

One of the most striking features of the designer’s collection is the introduction of latex clothing, a departure from traditional fabrics such as handwoven Piña and Japanese twill. “I have always been a fan of craft that other people or other designers don’t do,” Dulce shares. “So latex was kind of like that—no one was doing it here so I decided to learn it.” By marrying the severity of latex with softer shapes and materials, Dulce creates garments that are both avant-garde and inherently wearable. Moreover, the designer emphasizes the eco-friendliness of latex as a natural material derived from rubber, further aligning with her commitment to sustainability in fashion.

Latex is a new sustainable material the designer worked with

Despite the innovative nature of her designs, Dulce faced challenges in integrating latex into her collection. “The manipulation of latex was a challenge in terms of ensuring it was my aesthetic,” she admits. “I had to use latex in non-traditional ways—loose and baggy and draped vs form-fitting and stretched.” With determination and ingenuity, the designer tackled these obstacles head-on, fashioning garments that combine the age-old traditions of the Amish with her modern expertise.

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Clothing comes first, then hats come later
The milliner makes hats the accents of her clothing

Drawing from her background in millinery, the designer approaches clothing design with a keen understanding of the importance of balance. “Isabella Blow once said that hats are the accent of fashion, and that’s what I abide by,” she reflects. “When I make clothes, the clothes always come first, then hats later.” This emphasis on harmony and cohesion is the heartstrings of the milliner’s collection, each piece delicately plucked and tuned to resonate in perfect harmony with the Amish-inspired aesthetic.

Mich Dulce adds a Filipino twist to the Amish-inspired aesthetics

Ultimately, the designer hopes that her collection will not only showcase her Filipino heritage, but also inspire a broader cultural and social dialogue. “Perhaps it’s fusing the Filipino into contemporary fashion,” the milliner muses. “I believe in its global potential—it’s so special, and I love slipping in my Filipino heritage in my clothing through material and shape.” With this collection, Mich Dulce reimagines the boundaries of fashion and embraces the beauty of tradition in a modern context, turning butter into beauty, and breaking barriers, one bonnet at a time.

“Reimagining The Amish” will be available to view in person at the Mich Dulce Open House from February 19 to 25, 2024  at Penthouse 1 & 2 Pacific Place, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig by appointment between 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and will be available on www.michdulce.com from February 24, 2024


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