EXCLUSIVE: Mond Gutierrez on Why Louis Vuitton’s S/S 2025 Show is His Favorite So Far

EXCLUSIVE: Mond Gutierrez on Why Louis Vuitton’s S/S 2025 Show is His Favorite So Far


As Paris Fashion Week Men’s began at the Maison de l’UNESCO for the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2025 show, Mond Gutierrez exclusively shares with MEGA his experience right front and center

Paris Fashion Week Men’s commenced with a remarkable showcase by Louis Vuitton, and Mond Gutierrez was at the forefront, soaking in the global splendor. The event occurred at UNESCO’s Paris headquarters, a setting that underscored the show’s global theme, Le Monde Est à Vous (The World is Yours). This fourth collection from Louis Vuitton’s creative director Pharrell Williams, united high fashion with a message of intercultural exchange and universality.

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Mond Gutierrez at Louis Vuitton S/S25 for Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Attire and Anticipation

“I wore a printed denim jacket and paired it with a small Keepall in a Damier print,” Mond revealed when asked about his attire for the show. “The weather in Paris is pretty unpredictable at the moment, so I thought wearing light layers would be the best way to approach it. Thankfully, it didn’t rain on show day.”

The entrepreneur‘s anticipation for the show was palpable, especially given the unique invitation he received. “When you get an LV x Apple AirTag as an invite, you already know the show has something to do with travel and the world,” he remarked. “Pharrell’s message was all about bringing people together through fashion, and I thought the venue was the perfect backdrop to send that message across visually.”

The choice of UNESCO’s Paris headquarters as the venue was particularly poignant. As an organization dedicated to cultural preservation and global collaboration, it provided an appropriate setting for a collection that celebrates mutual understanding through the art of travel.

Gutierrez wore a denim print jacket as he held a small Keepall in Damier print

New Classics, Natural Inspirations

Reflecting on the collection itself, Mond expressed his admiration for Pharrell Williams’ vision. “This is probably my favorite Pharrell collection so far,” he declared. He was particularly enamored with the monochromatic ensembles with dark black tones and earthy browns elevated by a play on textures. These looks projected understated luxury, a hallmark of Pharrell’s aesthetic vision. “I loved the bags as well—so many new takes on some Louis Vuitton classics, including the new Soft Trunk bag.”

As the show progressed, distinct tones built up inspiration from the natural world. This transition emitted the theme of global discovery and openness—elements deeply embedded into Louis Vuitton’s heritage of travel and exploration. “I also love his use of color towards the end with the Earth as the main inspiration,” Mond remarked, highlighting how the collection integrated fashion with the planet’s diverse colors after our human hues.

Gutierrez loved the new takes on classics, like the Soft Trunk bag

Cultural Reflections

When asked about incorporating his favorite pieces into his wardrobe, he emphasized the versatility of the collection. “Style is all about self-expression, so I would definitely style it my own way,” he explained. “Dressing down some of the tailored pieces while elevating some of the sporty looks by mixing them together. There are so many ways to style this collection.”

The theme of travel and cultural preservation reverberated throughout the show, aligning with Louis Vuitton’s ethos. “I think the show itself presented this idea of togetherness and international exchange,” Mond observed. “The casting was very multicultural, including an appearance from Filipino model Paolo Roldan.”

Gutierrez shares his favorite ensembles like the monochromatic looks in black and brown

A Progressive Man

Mond shared his thoughts on the future of men’s fashion, inspired by the approach seen in Pharrell’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton. “I think men’s fashion is at its most progressive right now,” he reflected. “Customers are always looking at how brands will innovate—creating something new but still respecting the rich history of the brand. I think this is what Pharrell does perfectly with Louis Vuitton.”

“Pharrell also knows how to create a show—from the location to the music, I had a great time and this experience was definitely one for the books,” Mond added. The showcase was an immersive experience that aimed to bring the global community through unity, no matter skin color. 

The entrepreneur asserts that the new collection is his favorite by creative director Pharrell Williams so far

Mond Gutierrez’s Paris Fashion Week Men’s escapade kicked off with a statement on the power of fashion to bridge cultures and foster understanding. Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2025 collection celebrated our shared global heritage, confirming that, indeed, the world is ours.


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