Exclusive: SB19 Dressed as the Kings of P-pop For the Asia Artist Awards 2023

Exclusive: SB19 Dressed as the Kings of P-pop For the Asia Artist Awards 2023


SB19’s resident stylist Rain Dagala reveals what makes the style of the P-Pop royalty stand out at this year’s Asia Artist Awards 

At yesterday’s Asia Artist Awards, P-Pop royalty SB19 represented two facets of art where Filipino talent dominates—music and fashion. The boy group set the stage on fire with a medley arrangement of their songs “Gento,” “Mana,” “Bazinga,”and “Crimzone” in an almost eight-minute performance. Winning the Hot Trend Award and Best Artist Award at the event, it only proves their place and influence as multi-hyphenate performers. But along with their talent in singing, dancing, and rapping, they are also conquering the sartorial world. 

SB19 Asia Artist Awards AAA 2023 style vision
SB19 poses for the cameras at the AAA 2023 red carpet; Photography: Elijah Magundayao

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In an exclusive interview with Rain Dagala, the stylist gave MEGA Man an exclusive deep dive on what makes SB19’s influence bring music and fashion together as they set foot on every stage. 

SB19’s expression through Filipino fashion

According to Dagala, Filipino representation on the international stage was the reason behind the red carpet attire of SB19. Hence, the choice of Francis Libiran as the designer of their look. “We wanted a very Filipino feel to it, executed in a very modern and non-traditional way. We felt that Francis Libiran would be [the] best to execute that. He has a rich experience in representing Filipino fashion around the world.” 

SB19 Asia Artist Awards AAA 2023 style vision
Francis Libiran designed the modern suits of the group for the award show; Photo: SB19 (via Instagram)

Pablo, Ken, Josh, Stell, and Justin graced the red carpet in a modern iteration of suits, coupling its structured silhouette with that of a barong’s semi-sheer effect and the black beaded symbols. “We wanted to send the message that SB19 is on a new level altogether,” the stylist pointed out. Complementing and completing their dapper style was their Bvlgari jewelry.

With the awareness of SB19 as the image of P-Pop in the international stage, both the performers and the styling team carry the mission of representing Filipino roots with them. “They are the penultimate representation of P-Pop, bringing this genre to the world. As much as we can, lots of Filipino inspirations are injected into their outfits, by of course, only Filipino designers. We’re excited to collaborate with designers who can twist and give the traditional Filipino garments their own spin, aligning to each of the members’ personalities.”

SB19’s identity as their styles

For Rain, the group reflects the impact of their style. “When we dress them up, we want their looks to reflect their superstar status. Kings are supposed to be at the forefront, [as] gamechangers and tastemakers, continuously pushing the envelope and leading the pack,” he said. 

SB19 Asia Artist Awards AAA 2023 style vision
SB19 changes into an all-white Francis Libiran ensemble for their stage performance; Photo: SB19 (via Instagram)

True to the vision of the quintet, there is a meaningful imagery in their looks. This said creativity begins with the individuality of Pablo, Ken, Stell, Josh, and Justin as they already bring a distinct energy as their own selves. Saying it best, the stylist stressed, “Everyone is still so unique in terms of their personal style. Maybe that’s why they work so well as a group—no one is a clone of the other. We always aim to put a stamp of each member’s personal style.”

Forming a bond as a group, their collective vision of paving the way is a consideration that their styling team forwards for every outfit in every occasion. True and good rulers have people work with them and not for them, and this principle makes SB19 a cut above the rest. “SB19 is not a mere follower nor enslaved by trends. They should lead it. And as their stylist, we shall always be a reliable partner on the sidelines to make that vision come to life,” Dagala concluded. 

Featured Image Photography ELIJAH MAGUNDAYAO (via Instagram)

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