EXCLUSIVE: This Is How Max Collins Is Celebrating The Holidays In Style

EXCLUSIVE: This Is How Max Collins Is Celebrating The Holidays In Style


Evoking the necessary festive mood of the holidays, actress and model Max Collins shows us how to celebrate in chic Parisian style, no less.

As the holidays are fast approaching, we’re all probably panicking deep inside how we can celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. While every year we have tons of ideas on how we can throw the best party for our friends and family, this year will definitely be pretty challenging due to the restrictions in the new normal. And for new mom Max Collins, who recently just gave birth to her baby, she is exercising more care than ever to keep her newborn safe.

Yesterday, she shared a photo on Instagram commemorating baby Skye’s fourth month, but here’s the catch–even if Max just gave birth, she proves that the secret to living a happy life is really self-love. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t regained your so-called perfect voluptuous body yet, because what’s important is you’re enjoying yourself. And that’s exactly what she showed us in her most recent photoshoot—yes, a photoshoot just a few months after going into labor.

It was really for her dear friend and our industry’s well-loved young designer Chris Nick that the actress said yes. You see, Chris has been non-stop in pursuing greater heights ever since he started penetrating the local fashion scene. Sure, there were a couple of obstacles he faced, but he has always made it a point to overcome.

So, as the young designer just unveiled his Fall/Winter 2020 collection last month, he gave MEGA these beautiful exclusive shots of Max Collins showcasing how the actress could very well be celebrating the upcoming holidays in Chris Nick style, no less.

Now, since Chris never fails to give us a tinge of nostalgia, he transported Max to the 1920s, too. In doing so, she vividly channels F. Scott Fitzgerald’s very own Daisy Buchanan—but as a new breed of a flapper girl. Here, she’s ready to have fun and, of course, show some love with her own little family. Come to think of it, that’s why we celebrate Noche Buena and Media Noche, right? So, be like Max Collins and be part of the new generation of flapper girls.

Chris Nick’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection is now available on his website. Follow him on Instagram @_chrisnick for more information and updates.


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