Everything You Need To Know About EXO Member Baekhyun’s New Streetwear Line

Everything You Need To Know About EXO Member Baekhyun’s New Streetwear Line


This is not a drill! EXO member Byun Baekhyun has officially released his very first streetwear line!

If you follow EXO, Baekhyun wouldn’t be the first member you would think of to release his own clothing line. Sehun would have popped up first as he came off as best dressed at a Louis Vuitton fashion show two years in a row. Or it can probably be Gucci Gang’s new recruit, Kai. Perhaps, it could be “Tommy Boy” Chanyeol who casually rubbed elbows with Karl Lagerfeld at a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show.
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Meanwhile, Baekhyun, the team’s vocalist has been dominating airport fashion with his usual streetwear outfit. Oversized hoodies are probably a staple in his closet. And his footwear, choices? One of a kind.  It’s most probably the reason why Privé has chosen him to be the co-creative director of their first streetwear line! But there are a lot of misconceptions about the new line. No worries, we are here to clear them all up! For one…

Baekhyun doesn’t own Privé

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New York and L.A.–based fashion editor and stylist Danyl Geneciran is Privé’s brand director. According to him, aside from BBH, he also had EXO member Chanyeol in mind as the co-creative director of the new line. But as per SM Entertainment’s (EXO’s managing company) advice and Baekhyun’s personal style present, Geneciran immediately saw the fit. Baekhyun won them over in Supreme fashion and a pair of Balenciaga sneakers.

Magic Word: Fearless

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Fans have been linking the word “fearless” to Baekhyun for quite a while now. The singer even used to own a bracelet with the word on it. So it wasn’t so surprising to find the word as the central concept of his designs!

He designed the apparels himself

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Baekhyun was very hands-on when it comes to the designs of his line. In an interview, he mentioned he had been sketching and taking photos of his favorite words prior to the selection of the “fearless” concept. Geneciran also mentioned that he had witnessed Baekhyun taking his own sketches to meetings. Adorably, Baekhyun also thought he would be the one to sew the clothes himself! We stan an innocent man.

They’re all very BBH

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If you’ve been a long time fan of Baekhyun, you would notice his love for cotton and whites. And as a reflection of his personal style, he made sure that this too is applied to Privé by BBH. Scratch off patterned prints because Baekhyun is in it for minimalist designs.

Shipping’s crazy

Sad but true—the shipping cost for Privé can cost a lot. But the brand took it to Twitter to explain why the prices are crazy high. First, the items are going to come from their inventory in Canada! Plus, the company invested in fast and reliable carriers to ensure the arrival of their orders on time.
With this issue at hand, Privé suggested a group order scheme for everyone to follow. So if you want your own Privé by BBH shirt, hoodie, or pullover, it’s time to find friends nearby who you can share the shipping with! Practicality at its finest.

Will we see them in-stores?

It’s a yes for Privé! Though nothing is final yet, a single tweet gave us some kind of relief that we may be seeing them on physical retailers soon. Who wants a Privé by BBH in-stores near them? I know I do! For now, you can purchase Privé by BBH at priveny.com.

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