Experience The Unexpected With Jo Malone London’s Latest Collection

Experience The Unexpected With Jo Malone London’s Latest Collection


Just in time for Spring, Jo Malone London launches a limited edition collection, Wild Flowers & Weeds. Inspired by the wild, unruly weeds and flowers that can be seen lining the banks of a winding river, the collection is alluring and vibrant.

“Our Brit collection is always an opportunity for us to explore new olfactive territories. What I love about wild flowers and weeds is that the nature takes over, with no rhyme or reason, and it makes things unexpectedly beautiful,” shares Céline Roux, Global Director of Fragrance at Jo Malone London. For the collection, she has decided to work with two perfumers, Louise Turner and Yann Vasnier: “We’ve worked with Yann Vasnier before and he really understands the Jo Malone London signature. This is the first time we’ve worked with Louise Turner and it was very appealing to work with an English perfumer. I thought she would understand the inspiration better than anyone, and be inspired by her own memories of visiting canals in England when she was growing up.”

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The Wild Flowers & Weeds collection is made of five distinctive fragrances priced at P4100 each: the crisp Hemlock and Bergamot, the smokey and alluring Cade & Cedarwood, the fresh contrast that is Lupin & Patchouli, the sensual Willow & Amber and lastly, Nettle and Wild Achillea, which is tangy yet sparkling.

Some of the ingredients used in the colognes may intrigue some, as they are not commonly used by perfumers. “In general, you don’t hear about ingredients like willow, lupin or wild achillea in perfumery. Hemlock is known to be poisonous and nettles can sting you. It’s the contrasts and the ingredients that make the fragrances so original,” says Roux.

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