Expert Care: The Go-To Beauty Treatments Of The MEGA Team

Expert Care: The Go-To Beauty Treatments Of The MEGA Team


From skin to lashes, the MEGA team reveals the professional beauty treatments that help put their best face forward.

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“During the pandemic, let’s just say most of us subscribed to the old-school, au naturel way of life: no facials, no hair treatments, no spas, etc. And while I’ve always tried to put as little product on my body as possible, I can’t deny that parts of it missed–and maybe needed–a little pampering, especially my hair. French Glossing by L’OREAL Professionnel came at a perfect time. Not only does it give a fresh take on permanent, gradient hair color (if you’re up for that), but more importantly, it gives your poor, parched hair strands the shine, bounce, and life that they had almost lost during those lockdowns.” – BAM ABELLON, MANAGING EDITOR


“Whenever I don’t get enough sleep and rest, my skin tends to look dull and stripped of its natural glow, so I always seek professional help for it to bounce back. That’s why I make time to visit LUMINISCE Holistic Skin and Laser Clinic for a facial, specifically their Coquille Peel (P2500/per session). It uses gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) from natural fruit and food extracts to shed off all the dead skin cells and restore the skin’s moisture levels. After each session, not only is my skin brighter and better than before, but because of all the pampering, I also feel reinvigorated.” – RYUJI SHIOMITSU, FASHION DIRECTOR


“Working for a fashion magazine means I always have to look good and present myself well even during hectic photo shoots. Since I don’t have much time to do my makeup beforehand, NEW LOUNGE’s Volume Eyelash Extensions (P2500-3500/per set) have been a life savior. Their lashes are lightweight and they tailor-fit the application process to each client, based on their desired look. Best of all, it can last from three weeks up to a month with proper care. I always go for the lash length: 12, 13, and 14mm, alongside the cat-eye shape that creates a faux eyeliner to elongate and accentuate the eyes.” – NICOLE ALMERO, SENIOR GRAPHIC ARTIST


“For those in the post-acne, pre-aging skin phase like I am at 23 years old, try BELO Medical Group’s Skin Reboot (P15,000/per session), a treatment that tightens the skin without putting it through too much, too soon. It’s an hour-long, relaxing, and pain-free treatment that is ideal for younger ages. It’s also great for fans of Ultherapy and Thermage, who are looking for an in-between maintenance. The treatment starts with an argan stem cell-rich cream, which penetrates deep into the dermis to improve skin quality. Meanwhile, the use of radio frequency and microcurrent will help lift the skin and allow the cream to penetrate deeper and boost your natural glow.” – MIA CASTRO, BEAUTY AND FEATURES WRITER


“An eyebrow gel is definitely a mainstay in my everyday beauty routine, but with our humid weather, it’s hard to find a product that can last and hold my brows in place the whole day. Thankfully, there’s the Kerabrow Treatment from STROKES Eye Beauty Studio (P2500) that makes it even easier to achieve full, sleek, and feathery brows from the moment you wake up. It’s a three-step brow lifting and lamination process that can last for four to six weeks. Plus, they use keratin to help correct brow shape, texture, and hair growth!” – MARIAN SAN PEDRO, FASHION WRITER

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