Tips For Noche Buena: Creating Holiday Desserts From The Expert

Tips For Noche Buena: Creating Holiday Desserts From The Expert


Put your quarantine cooking skills to the test by whipping up some desserts to end the night on a delectable note. Here we learn from Chef Miko Aspiras on how to complete our holiday feast.

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Chef Miko Aspiras of Le Petit Soufflé believes that despite the celebrations being more private this year, the spirit of it will be more alive more than ever. After all, he says we all deserve a happy ending to cap off the year. “I think it will be much more intimate this year, but this will be a chance for us to make it even more special. I know a lot of us have learned a thing or two when it comes to cooking and baking this year so let’s put that to the test,” Chef Aspiras says.

The Basics

The main key to successfully pull off a holiday feast is to have a theme in mind. With just a single theme, you can create about 15 – 20 dishes. A grocery list, time management, some help, and most importantly the passion to entertain is another must for Chef Aspiras to share the happiness through holiday feast small or big.

The basic recipes that the Chef recommends are a macaroni salad for an appetizer, grilled meat on a stick, roasted vegetable platter or a baked pasta for the main course, and of course, a chocolate cake or a trifle for dessert which is the pastry chef is an expert on. He also says that quarantine food trends like ube pandesal, sushi bake, and alike can easily be incorporated in the menu, “why not a combination of all the food trends that came out this year cause there’s honestly heeps!,” Chef Aspiras fondly expresses.

Add A Personal Touch

Even though many of us have discovered the joys of the kitchen over the quarantine period, it can still be quite daunting to prepare a whole family feast on such a special day. Chef Aspiras recommends having a theme in mind for your holiday menu and he shares that the secret ingredient to any great dish is to put your heart in it, “make it as personal as possible, start by looking at your favorites, but also you might want to try out something new, whatever it is you do out your heart into it, no matter how simple or extravagant your family and friends will surely love it.”

Indulgent Cakes

For the past 20 years, Chef Aspiras has been whipping up special meals for his family every holiday and always makes sure that the desserts are extra special. A master in decadent and mouth-watering treats, Chef Aspiras’ creations are available at Le Petit Soufflé. The restaurant features French and Japanese sweet and savory comfort food as well as prepared from scratch pastries. We personally got to enjoy their signature desserts, the Strawberry Burnt Basque Cheesecake, and their 17-layer Chocolate Cake.

The trending brunt basque cheesecake lives up to its hype with a burnt top that adds a rustic and comforting feel that perfectly matches its uncomplicated fresh flavor and smooth creaminess that will have you going for seconds. The 17-layer Chocolate Cake is a guilty pleasure that one can’t miss out on this holiday break. An alternating moist chocolate cake and dark Valrhona Guanaja ganache that makes the cake an eye-catching tall creation with a shiny chocolate glaze that will have everyone asking, ‘when is it time for dessert?’

Online How-To Recipes

Now if these desserts inspire you to create one of your own, Chef Aspiras has several recipe videos on his Instagram page for his top tips and tricks on making the perfect dessert. “My goal with my social media pages has always been to spread positivity and aspiration. So, sharing recipe tutorials has been on top of my list of what I wanted to do as soon as the quarantine happened,” he says. He says that in baking all it takes is patience, courage, and imagination, “do not be afraid to do something you’ve never done before this is the time to be creative and impress,” and when we asked the esteemed Chef on his Christmas message this year, as cliché it sounds, he says is to keep setting goals and to simply keep hoping.


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