Expert Tips on What to Look For in a Breathable Dress

Expert Tips on What to Look For in a Breathable Dress


Say goodbye to sticky discomfort and hello to breathable fabrics that promise all-day comfort in this 2024 fashion trend for summer

April welcomes the onset of warmer weather—too warm that even swimming pools need ice blocks. There’s a collective realization that staying cool becomes a survival tactic as the Philippines gears up for sunnier days and steamier nights. This tactic? Airflow-enhancing designs, of course. For their new Spring/Summer collections, fashion labels added their own techniques to incorporate an easy, breezy, beautiful aesthetic. With breathable dresses, there’s no need for a personal climate control system or, worse, a portable handheld fan.

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Forget about suffocating under heavy fabrics. Designers and brands have tackled the challenge of crafting garments that offer a refreshing respite in the sweltering heat. Their creations ensure we stay relaxed and trendy, even when the sun’s rays are scorching down like we’re a sizzling sisig skillet. From floaty maxi dresses to sleek midi styles, there’s a breathable dress to keep us comfortable.

2024 Fashion Trend: How To Find A Breathable Dress For Summer

It’s cool to the touch, easy on the eyes: Alaïa’s F/W24 collection is entirely crafted from a single merino wool yarn spun into endless possibilities. It’s all about embracing the curves—both in design and in life. With a nod to simplicity and purity, it’s a statement of freedom and creativity, proving that sometimes, the most extraordinary things can come from the simplest of beginnings.

Breathe Easy

Imagine slipping into a dress with strategically placed cutouts and mesh panels, letting a subtle breeze brush against your skin. Refreshing, isn’t it? These dresses are crafted using an openwork knitwear approach, creating charming patterns and airy fabrics that promote maximum ventilation. This allows air to flow freely and keeps you cool, calm, and collected—because, in this heat, we need it. Pay attention to the construction and design details of breathable dresses, such as strategically placed cutouts, mesh panels, or openwork knitting, which enhance ventilation and airflow.

Expert Tip:

Don’t let your ambitions go to your head—literally. When it comes to choosing a breathable dress, make sure it fits like a glove (but not the tight, suffocating kind). Proper fit and sizing still matter. Aim for garments that give you room to breathe, move, and maybe even break out into a spontaneous dance without feeling like you’re in a straitjacket. Try for dresses that allow freedom of movement and airflow to keep you feeling comfortable all day long.

2024 Fashion Trend: How To Find A Breathable Dress For Summer
Valentino L’École

Valentino L’École illustrates the beauty of the female form in all its glory. It celebrates femininity as an exquisite expression of intimacy, wholly independent from the male gaze. These designs prioritize comfort and confidence, symbolizing liberation and authorization. With daring cuts, it teases us with glimpses of skin; Because let’s face it, feeling comfortable in our skin is the ultimate power move.

Lightweight Layers

You can also choose to layer your breathable dress with lightweight accessories, like jewelry and cover-ups, for added versatility and style. After all, why settle for one look when you can have multiple outfit options at your fingertips that make up for your creativity? With the right accessories, you can transform your breathable dress from casual chic to evening elegance in the blink of an eye. One outfit can turn into ten—because life’s too short to look like you’re always wearing the same outfit.

Expert Tip:

While you can layer your look with lightweight accessories, don’t overload your look with heavy layers that may inhibit airflow and defeat the purpose of wearing a breathable dress. The goal is to keep breezy, not weighed down by bling.

Rajo Laurel S/S24

Rajo Laurel’s House of Laurel line recently released its new collection, Hardin, which includes The Asper Gown, a v-neck dress with garter, channeling and bow details. It makes it the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe as you lounge poolside like a flowery, pampered celeb.

Cool for You, Cool for the Planet

The use of eco-friendly materials further enhances the appeal of these breathable dresses. Sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo viscose, and recycled polyester reduce the environmental impact of fashion production and promote ethical, responsible consumption practices. Who knew opting for eco-friendly materials not only keeps us cool but also helps cool the planet?

Expert Tip:

Don’t settle for synthetic fabrics that trap heat and make you feel like you’re wrapped in a sauna suit. Make sure to opt for breathable materials like linen or Tencel that let your skin breathe like a yoga instructor on vacation—calm, relaxed, and totally zen.

2024 Fashion Trend: How To Find A Breathable Dress For Summer
Stella McCartney S/S24

Stella McCartney’s S/S24 collection is the epitome of fashion with a conscience, as it is their most conscious collection ever. Crafted from responsibly sourced materials and deadstock fabric, it essentially becomes a guilt-free style statement. The designs make it the perfect choice for those hot summer days when looking chic is just as important as breathing. High-volume look, low-impact footprint.

Summer goes simmer, and as the temperature intensifies, so does the need for relief. When it comes to beating the heat, make sure to stay cool with breathable dresses. With its ventilated construction methods, it’s a style that leaves you irresistible even in the hottest of moments. Maybe this season you can finally put down the portable handheld fan. 

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