Exploration Of The New And Past: Art Lounge Manila Opens Their Gallery With A Fashion Show

Exploration Of The New And Past: Art Lounge Manila Opens Their Gallery With A Fashion Show


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Art is a doorway to something further from what we can see. Our mind explores the spectrum of emotions that we translate into pieces that create never ending stories. It becomes an experience of wild imaginations as different art forms interact— it is as if life is breathed on into each art form.

We travel into different worlds and a space of exploration as art forms collide. It’s the very idea of designer, Robbie Santos of Septième Rebelle, brought to life with his new collection showcased at Art Lounge Manila’s new gallery, the Molito Lifestyle Center. A fitting theme as the gallery opened their doors with a fashion show titled Voyageur.

Using the textile designs of Presidential Merit Awardee, Juvenal Sansó, the selection of textile designs explores color, prints, and textures. Sansó’s prints are centralized on abstract geometrics and botanical elements— making a set of textiles that are fresh and zestful. And with Santos’ admiration towards fine arts, his second collection becomes a celebration of art and style. 

As the textile designs are translated onto the fabric, Santos pays tribute to Sansó time through his play of silhouettes. A series of classic feminine silhouettes during the 60s are used such as A-line, flared, and serpentina skirts— making them comfortable and easy to wear. And as we see the collection as a whole, it appears to be a deluxe resort collection with pieces of cotton blends made for men and soft tailoring for women. 

Valuing movement and motion, the runway becomes alive as prints shine against the light and florals adoringly bounce with each step the models take. A glamorous yet elegant approach with hints of new elements. 

“I also used an embroidery machine to sew ‘Sansó’ as a brand on the pants. This is my take on today’s logo-obsessed culture. The cuts on the pant leg are new—and so is the absence of belt loops! One has to fully examine a piece of clothing to see the details we have put in them.”

Robbie Santos

A cascade of dynamic prints and charming silhouettes made its way on the runway featuring exquisite fine jewelry from Erica Concepcion-Reyes. But as we view the exhibit as a whole, it was meticulously conceptualized by Vince Uy and textile designs are put on display that was curated by Cindel Tiausas of Art Lounge Manila. 

Visit Art Lounge Manila’s newest gallery at the Molito Lifestyle Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. 

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