Move Over, Prada. Couture Press-On Nails Will Be Your Next Must-Have Collectible

Move Over, Prada. Couture Press-On Nails Will Be Your Next Must-Have Collectible


If you’re the type to collect designer bags, shoes, or heck, even paintings, then you’ll want to hear about this next big thing.

During the opening of Extraordinail’s newly-renovated nails and spa salon in Greenhills last November 30, they introduced its newest product, the Couture Press-On Gel Nails, a custom-fit press-on nail art created specifically for each customer.

This new nail trend is the quickest way to achieve red carpet-worthy nails without the lag time. The best part is that you can reuse these nails whenever you want to, and even pass it on to your kid as a collector’s item.

Vouching for this new collectible is none other than Heart Evangelista-Escudero herself, and we all know that she’s a collector of all things beautiful and luxurious.

Extraordinail ensures that when you avail of this new product, it’s going to be custom-made to make it look as natural as your real nails. From the measurement of your nail bed on each finger, the right color for your skin, texture, to even the use of special polishes that glow in the dark. Some designs can also incorporate Swarovski crystals for that extra sparkle.

Owner and President, Veronica Resurrection, shares how she came up with the idea of Couture Press-On Nails. “I am inspired by designers who make couture dresses, so these press-on nails will be custom-fit to each customer,” she says.

Proving that nail art can also be as valuable as any painting, the designs by Extraordinail are carefully intricate and the materials used are of the best quality. But like any designer item, creating nail art takes a little time, so it’s best to plan ahead on what you want your nail art to look like. You will also have to find the time to have your nails measured. We suggest scheduling your measurements to be taken at least two days prior to your event.

A set of the press-on nails starts at P2000, depending on the design. It comes with a dual-layer adhesive for short-term use, and glue for usage as long as five days. The Couture Press-On Gel Nails can be reused, collected, and can stand the test of time.

So what do you say? Will this be your new fashion girl collectible? 

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