These Are the Extreme Sports That You Should Try Now

These Are the Extreme Sports That You Should Try Now


From hiking rocky mountains to riding wild ocean waves, extreme sports are becoming more and more popular among women nowadays. We’re always on the search for a new thrilling experience that can take us beyond our comfort zone. With the myriad of extreme sports available today, having a new favorite hobby is easy. And with a Mountain Dew in hand, we can go after exhilarating experiences with ease and a good shot of energy from one refreshing drink. Try out these extreme sports for your dose of adrenaline rush:

Search the skies

If you enjoy seeing things from up high, it’s time to take your affinity for great views up a notch. Enjoy great sights while living like a daredevil for a day through skydiving. Throw yourself out a soaring plane, glide through the air like a free bird, and experience new heights. Take the challenge at Skydive Cebu.

Sail through the streets

Breeze through the bustling traffic and look like a total badass on your skateboard. Skateboarding is one extreme sport that’s been around for quite a long time and has had quite a following here in Manila. It’s a recreational activity reserved for the daring, and with Mountain Dew, you can chase this thrill confidently. Learn the dos and don’ts of this complex sport and feel the kick yourself at GoSkate. Hop on!

Roar on the road

Who said motorcycles are only for transportation? Take your two-wheeler out for a ride and show off some road skills. Zip through urban and rural roads and explore new places on your motorcycle. Ride high on mountains or low on plains on your motorcycle with finesse. Be a pro in no time with the Honda Safety Driving Center.

Show your knack as a ninja

Admit it. At one point in our lives, we’ve all secretly wanted to be ninjas. Well now, we can make that childhood dream into a reality. Jump, sprint, and hurdle walls by learning parkour. Parkour is one of the most extreme sports that uses only your body to movement. Train at Ninja Academy and get ready to conquer obstacles and show off your ninja skills!

Make a splash

Sunny days are here, which means it’s time to get your bikinis out and head to the beach! Make the most of your stay on sandy shores and ride the waves like a local. Learn the basics of surfing at one of the best surfing spots in the country, Siargao, and be a pro in no time with the guidance of the best surfers at Kermit Siargao.

It’s time to show the world that women can have crazy fun and exhilarating experiences too. Level up your thrills and push your limits with the refreshing citrus taste of Mountain Dew. Don’t be afraid to chase your thrills with Mountain Dew. Do It. Feel It.

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