I Spy an Eye Care Essential With Eye Mo Daily Care

I Spy an Eye Care Essential With Eye Mo Daily Care


The trusted eye care expert, Eye Mo, has a daily essential that cares for and protects our body’s most vital organ during the pandemic, and beyond

I am willing to bet that you have a go-to bag of all your daily essentials to take care of your hygiene and wellbeing. Over the past couple of years, having a list of essentials has become mandatory, especially living in a world of masks and sprays. You may have stuck with certain brands that check your preferences, or certain products that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. But this year, especially as the global pandemic still remains unpredictable, it’s time to revisit our list of daily essentials and see if we have our bases covered when we leave home.

Keep your looks in check by having your pocket hair care, skin care, and makeup tools nearby. That’s a no-brainer. Want to keep your body germ-free? Keep wipes or alcohol in your bag. Of course, don’t forget the face mask. However, there is an often-neglected part of our bodies that get equally exposed to viruses and elements: our eyes. If your eyes get irritated when you’re out and about, Eye Mo Daily Care is an eye care essential for you.

Hands off, drops on

Imagine all of the things and surfaces you touch within a day, and all the times you instinctually touch your eyes. Sometimes, you can’t help it, but in the worst case scenario, this may lead to infections and serious health concerns. When you don’t have access to soap and water for handwashing, having sanitary supplies on-hand is a great backup in the event you need to touch your eyes.

A gentle product for eye care

No stranger to us all, Eye Mo launched a product called Eye Mo Daily Care. It is intended to gently relieve itchiness and wash away irritants. It may also be used to soothe eyes after removal of contact lenses

“Make it a habit to clean your eyes with eye drops instead of touching or rubbing them. Not only are you protecting the ‘windows to your soul,’ but you are also taking extra care of your overall health,” Earl Jayona, Senior Manager for Marketing; IMS Asia; Eye Mo Philippines said.

Make Eye Mo Daily Care as part of your daily hygiene must-haves, even after the pandemic ends. Get your Eye Mo Daily Care now at PHP 99 SRP in all Mercury Drug, Watsons, South Star Drug, and Rose Pharmacy.

To learn more, visit their website. Keep your eyes on future updates by following Eye Mo on Facebook and Instagram.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

ASC Reference number I043N091622ES

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