F1 Drivers Prove That Fashion is Part of the Race

F1 Drivers Prove That Fashion is Part of the Race


Curious to see who’s ahead in the style game? Here are some of the most stylish F1 drivers who are setting the trend right now

While the Formula One grid may not be the typical fashion runway, these race drivers are turning heads with their style. Their fashion choices have everyone eagerly anticipating not just their performance on the track, but also their wardrobe game throughout any race weekend. Want to know who’s leading the style pack? Here are some of the most fashion-forward F1 drivers today:

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Lewis Hamilton

Photo Credit: @lewishamilton (via Instagram)

Sir Lewis Hamilton, the renowned British F1 driver for Mercedes, has become the sport’s undisputed style symbol. With his frequent appearances at global fashion weeks and as a repeat guest at the prestigious Met Gala, where he even bought a table to host black fashion designers and stylists, Hamilton’s impeccable sense of style has earned him recognition. In fact, he was featured in The New York Times’ list of “The 93 Most Stylish People of 2022.” Fans tune in for more than just Hamilton’s racing prowess now that they’ve been captivated by his flawless sense of style in and outside the paddock.

Charles Leclerc 

Photo Credit: @charles_leclerc (via Instagram)

In 2019, Scuderia Ferrari Monégasque driver Charles Leclerc announced his own fashion brand called CLACE, which takes the first two letters from his name. Originally, he had plans to produce eco-friendly clothing as an alternative to plastic-based materials. Unfortunately, the project didn’t take off, and he hasn’t revealed the reason behind it. However, he remains determined to give it another shot in the future. Despite this setback, Charles continues to show off his keen sense of style with his sharp wardrobe choices.

Max Verstappen

Photo Credit: @maxverstappen1 (via Instagram)

Reigning F1 World Driver’s Champion Max Verstappen has a passion for a laid-back fashion style. He prefers shorts, a cap, and a sporty tee to keep it simple and comfortable. Despite his unsuccessful attempt to create his own clothing brand, which was supposed to be called Max 1, Verstappen’s laid-back style on the race track cannot be denied. In fact, AlphaTauri has even designed a special limited edition collection to pay homage to Verstappen’s exceptional fashion sense on the race track.

Pierre Gasly

Photo Credit: @pierregasly (via Instagram)

With his regular attendance at various fashion weeks, French driver Pierre Gasly has proven that he is not just someone to look out for on the grid, but also in the fashion world. Gasly even collaborated with AlphaTauri to create a special collection of sweaters. When asked about his interest in fashion, he shared, “For now, my main goal is to become a Formula One world champion, but as I said, I am the kind of person who needs balance. Fashion is one of my major interests outside of Formula One. It is a world in which I learn more every day. With AlphaTauri, new doors have opened for me, and the whole design process for me has been one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had.”

Daniel Ricciardo

Photo Credit: @danielricciardo (via Instagram)

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull’s reserve driver for the 2023 season of F1, is known for his killer style. He is not afraid to pull off looks with vibrant colors and bold patterns, setting a fashionable example for men everywhere. Even off the track, Ricciardo’s style is always on point and definitely worth taking notes from.

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