Face of the Universe: These are Celeste Cortesi’s Iconic Beauty Moments

Face of the Universe: These are Celeste Cortesi’s Iconic Beauty Moments


As Celeste Cortesi conquers the stage of the competition, we look back at her best beauty moments that are hard to miss

“At the end of the day, winning or not, I will make my country proud,” Celeste Cortesi once said in an interview with Dr. Vicki Belo. It’s undeniable that all the focus is on the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 as the prestigious pageant’s coronation night is on the horizon. Her stylish ensembles might have stolen the headlines, but her eloquence, dedication, and determination makes her a strong contender in the competition. In the realm of beauty, Celeste continues to prove that she is versatile as she presents different styles ranging from bare-faced to full glam looks.

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Let’s rewind back to Celeste’s departure look. Fans easily went crazy over her no-makeup approach with her healthy skin as the main star, and her oversized sweatpants as the ideal wardrobe to complete her laid-back appeal. Shortly after, she donned numerous experimental makeup formats, including her recent face beat for MUBA Cosmetics. Celeste expertly shows beyond doubt that her face card never declines. 

Celeste is set to fulfill her destiny in the upcoming competition. And as fans await the most beautiful day in the universe, we delve into her best beauty moments that deserve to be fawned over. From her take on a clean-girl aesthetic to an editorial glam, her looks are etched to be an inspiration in the beauty department. 

Bare-skin beauty 

Celeste Cortesi might be synonymous with several glamorous formats, but she continues to serve notable moments, even when bare-faced. Aside from her most talked about departure look, the beauty queen unveiled her best no-makeup looks on her feed. Take this photo for example—her clean sleek bun created a laid-back yet polished appeal. 

Minimalist makeup


It’s no secret that her face flatters any makeup format. In this photo, the beauty queen made a serious case for minimalist makeup. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are defined while a gentle wash of color sits on her lids and cheeks. Elsewhere, Celeste showcased that healthy lips are in with a swipe of a balm-like product. 

In full color


Celeste Cortesi captured pageant fans’ attention when she debuted her Miss Universe Philippines photo. Masterfully created by celebrity makeup artist Guilly Valenzuela, the beauty queen donned a cobalt blue eyeshadow and a sharp black liner. It’s a new take on a usual layout, thanks to the creative mind of her team, consisting of Junessa Rendon, Bonita Penaranda, and Mae Castillo. It’s fair to say that this entry made her stand out from the competition.

Red lip classic 

Celeste’s red lip entry inarguably translates to empowerment. In a post, she wrote, “Don’t ever let your fears be bigger than your dreams. The risk you’re afraid to take will change your life.” Elsewhere, the beauty queen completed her look with minimal eye makeup and a slick-back hairstyle. 

Pearl embellishments 

Look closely to see the beauty queen’s play on beauty accents. In this photo, Celeste incorporated pearl embellishments to her eye makeup to give her classic look a fun twist. 

The winning look


Of course, her official headshot can’t be left unmentioned. A look created by celebrity makeup artist Gery Penaso and celebrity hairstylist Valerie Corpuz, Celeste’s beauty is seamlessly emphasized. 

Photos from CELESTE CORTESI (via Instagram)

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