Face Time: The Complete Guide to Skincare Masks

Face Time: The Complete Guide to Skincare Masks


More than just a self-care habit, skincare masks are lauded for their ability to deliver results in just minutes

The idea of skincare masks might not be considered essential in a routine, but given its manifold benefits, any beauty enthusiast or a complete novice might eventually be persuaded to give it a try. Masks deposit a temporary glow-up after each use, ones that could make a meaningful difference in the look and feel of the skin. But for those who seek to elevate their self-care rituals, the spa-like experience of a good skincare-soaked veil remains unrivaled. 

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MEGA's Guide to Skincare Masks
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With beauty and wellness inherently intertwined, face masks have also emerged as a symbol of self-care. Courtesy of its meditative face, these veils are seemingly an accessible way to have a quick mental escape through an experience that touches all senses. After all, winding down with a good film whilst wearing face masks is undeniably therapeutic. 

Choosing the right skincare mask

MEGA's Guide to Skincare Masks
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There is seemingly an infinite variety of skincare masks available, but do you know which is the right mask for you? In choosing the best one, keep an eye out for ingredients that can tackle the skin concern you want to address. Hyaluronic-heavy formulas are the perfect match for parched skin. On the other hand, collagen and peptides-based masks are ideal for smoothing lines, restoring lost volume, and boosting skin elasticity. Elsewhere, soothing ingredients like chamomile and aloe are the best choice for acne and inflammation. 

Easy to apply, easy to peel 

MEGA-approved Sheet Masks

Apart from ingredients, there are different forms of skincare masks to familiarize yourself with. Sheet masks, for one, are a popular format for their moisturizing, brightening, and anti-aging properties. These skincare veils are often soaked in nourishing serums. More so, it provides intense hydration and penetrates a concentrated dose of active ingredients to address one’s skin concerns. Sheet masks are designed to adhere to the natural contours of the face as they work to deliver a dewy, radiant complexion in minutes. 

The case of wear and wash 

MEGA-approved Clay, Mud and Gel Masks

Yes, skincare sheet masks are certainly skin hydrators. But there are also veils with benefits that go beyond that. Case in point? Clay and mud masks. The category is excellent for drawing out impurities and excess oil from the skin. Alongside are gel masks, which are an ideal pick for sensitive, irritated, or inflamed skin. With its soothing and cooling effect, these masks help reduce redness and irritation while providing deep hydration.

Sleep on it 

MEGA-approved Overnight Masks

The beauty of overnight masks is that they guarantee to maximize one’s beauty sleep. Layer over a few drops on the skin and it seals in deep hydration ensuring you get to wake up looking refreshed and glowing. In some other cases, there are formulas that encourage skin repair and rejuvenation. To say the least, it is one product that can revolutionize any sleeping routine. 

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