Fact or Myth: MEGA’s Beauty Writer Debunks Skincare Myths With Dr. Kate Cembrano-Mamaclay

Fact or Myth: MEGA’s Beauty Writer Debunks Skincare Myths With Dr. Kate Cembrano-Mamaclay


It’s not everyday that we get to have an in-depth chat with someone from the medical field. Yes, we have our routine visits to our favorite dermas, but actually sitting down to have a one-on-one consultation to debunk skincare myths doesn’t happen quite often. To do the job for us, MEGA’s own Beauty Writer Mara Go, or Margo, consulted with Dr. Kathryn Cembrano-Mamaclay, more commonly known as Dr. Kate, a board-certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic and Laser Surgeon. Throughout their chat, Dr. Kate confirmed whether the statements on skincare and aging that Margo shared were indeed facts or actual myths.

Dr. Kate Cembrano-Mamaclay, MD-MBA, DPDS and MEGA Beauty Writer Mara Go

Here’s a rundown of the supposed skincare myths that were deemed true or false by Dr. Kate:

The eyes show the first signs of aging

Right off the bat, Dr. Kate agreed with this statement, “[But] up to a certain extent. It’s true, but it differs [based] on an individual, case-to-case basis.” There are several reasons the skin around our eyes can exhibit the earliest signs of aging, such as the thin skin overlying the area is prone to wrinkling over time, and that our busy schedules and lack of sleep contribute to the puffiness around the eyes. Apart from that, she also explained that intrinsic and extrinsic aging affect how we age. The former basically means that some of us are genetically predisposed to show earlier signs of skin aging, signifying that it may be something we have little control over, but extrinsic aging can be prevented through the regular use of gentle facial products and sunscreen.

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Aging starts as early as 20 years old

As sad and heartbreaking as it may sound, this is a fact and not a myth. According to Dr. Kate, “In our mid-20s, the first signs of skin aging can already manifest itself [on] our skin. This is largely because at the age of 25, we start losing bone mass, and the overlying skin gets wrinkled as we grow older.” The wrinkling is also caused by our natural habit of doing facial expressions since it doesn’t have bone to relax back onto.

To know more about proper prevention even if Margo herself is already in her mid-20s, she asked Dr. Kate if there are any specific skincare products or ingredients that we need to incorporate into our routines. The board-certified Dermatologist raised the importance of must-have products like gentle cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen; as well as ingredients such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. When asked about the benefits of the latter, Dr. Kate shared that they induce collagen production to improve the skin barrier to defend itself against bacteria, UV rays, pollution, and other toxins. Peptides also plump the skin, which makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

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There’s also a new skincare technology that combines the world’s first plant-derived peptide and M3,000 peptides, which is Plantide X™. According to Dr. Kate, “Together, they actually work synergistically to help maintain that youthful firmness of the skin, and it’s even safe for pregnant women like me.”

This ingredient is found in YOU Beauty Advanced Youth series products, and Margo was overjoyed to share the effectiveness of the Advanced Youth Revitalizing Micro Essence, Advanced Youth Intensive Peptide Serum, and Advanced Youth Recharging Peptide Eye Cream as they are currently working wonders on her skin.

Like in all other fields of medicine, we always say that prevention is better than cure.

Dr. Kate Cembrano-Mamaclay on future-proofing one’s skin

How the skin ages is 90% our control, and premature aging is 100% preventable

For the last myth they discussed, Dr. Kate gave an honest answer by saying, “This statement can actually be debatable in certain situations, so I have to give it a fact and a myth.”  This is simply because of the influence of both genetic and environmental or lifestyle factors, pertaining to the intrinsic and extrinsic aging she mentioned beforehand. However, just because these factors exist, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to combat the premature signs of skin aging. The religious use of sun protection and moisturizers, getting enough sleep, and keeping healthy habits can all help maintain the youthfulness of our skin.

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Before their one-on-one consultation came to a close, Dr. Kate also shared the importance of future-proofing the skin. “Instead of having to correct all of these signs of skin aging later on [in life or when] the damage has already been done, it’s better to get into the healthy habits earlier so that you can actually protect and hydrate your skin better, and prevent these early signs of aging.”

To know more about Margo and Dr. Kate’s conversation, head over to MEGA’s YouTube channel. You may also follow YOU Beauty on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to stay updated on their latest product releases that include the Advanced Youth Series available in select Watsons stores, SM Beauty stores, Robinson’s Department Stores, and Market! Market!, as well as on their Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok pages.

Dr. Kathryn Cembrano-Mamaclay, MD-MBA, DPDS is not an endorser nor an affiliate of MEGA and YOU Beauty.

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