Fan Favorite Queens For Miss Universe 2023

Fan Favorite Queens For Miss Universe 2023


These standout contenders for Miss Universe 2023 have demonstrated unwavering determination, resilience, and compassion, resonating profoundly with enthusiastic pageant fan communities from all over

The Miss Universe pageant can put you up on a pedestal where you can shine your light as far as you can go. It’s a platform where the ground quivers with every regal stride, a spectacle where stage presence becomes magnetic, and fan bases pledge unyielding loyalty. It’s about a coronation of influence, turning brand deals into royal decrees and shining a spotlight on advocacies with regal endeavors. They’ve ascended the throne of universal admiration, and they are El Salvador, Nepal, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and Thailand. 

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El Salvador

The Fan Favorite Queens For Miss Universe 2023  ISABELLA GARCÍA-MANZO EL SALVADOR
Photo: ISABELLA GARCÍA-MANZO (via Instagram)

Even on home turf, Isabella García-Manzo left spectators in awe with her remarkable National Costume—a vibrant spectacle that stole breaths, quickened heart beats, and ignited thunderous applause. It was a truly enchanting experience, and one can only imagine the pride if you hailed from her very own country.


The Fan Favorite Queens For Miss Universe 2023 JANE GARRETT NEPAL
Photo: JANE GARRETT (via Instagram)

Nepal’s own Jane Garrett is undeniably one of this year’s strong contenders. Breaking stereotypes as the first plus-size participant in history, she quickly became a crowd favorite. The audience bursts into applause as she walks down the stage with confidence, making a persuasive case for embracing diverse body images, championing women’s health, and spotlighting the importance of mental well-being.


The Fan Favorite Queens For Miss Universe 2023 SHEYNNIS PALACIOS NICARAGUA
Photo: SHEYNNIS PALACIOS (via Instagram)

Sheynnis Palacios turns the spotlight on anxiety disorders for her advocacy. She strides with purpose, casting a light on mental health in a world that sometimes forgets to look beyond the glittering exterior. Her advocacy is a megaphone amplifying the voices of those grappling with these issues. Meanwhile, her evening gown look stands out to break the monotony, like a cool breeze in a sea of warm tones, a bit like finding a sip of water that’s refreshing in every way. 


The Fan Favorite Queens For Miss Universe 2023 MICHELLE DEE PHILIPPINES
Photo: MICHELLE DEE (via Instagram)

Slender, statuesque, and possessing a serpentine grace, Michelle Dee embodies the essence of a modern beauty queen. Beyond the runway, she champions the causes of autism acceptance, inclusivity, and empowerment, drawing inspiration from her journey as a sister to two siblings on the autism spectrum. Her ethereal glide down the runway mirrors the soaring spirit of her National Costume, paying homage to her role as a military reservist in the Philippine Air Force. As she takes each step, she prepares the ground for the collective hope of witnessing a potential fifth Miss Universe crown take flight.


The Fan Favorite Queens For Miss Universe 2023 ANNTONIA PORSILD THAILAND
Photo: ANNTONIA PORSILD (via Instagram)

Anntonia Porsild effortlessly charms everyone with her sultry runway walk. Her National Costume, the “Ayutthaya Kingdom’s Goddess,” draws inspiration from the statue of Phra Mae Thorani, a revered earth deity in Buddhist mythology. She shoulders the modern runway allure with the richness of traditional Thai heritage.

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In the kingdom of Miss Universe, these queens aren’t just beauty queens; they’re sovereigns of style and rulers of the runway. These queens are catalysts for change and ambassadors for causes close to their hearts. El Salvador, Nepal, Nicaragua, the Philippines, and Thailand—a royal lineup commanding attention with regal flair.

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