Fan Favorites for Top 10 of Miss Universe Philippines 2024

Fan Favorites for Top 10 of Miss Universe Philippines 2024


As Miss Universe Philippines crowns its new queens this May 22, MEGA rounds up the ten women who won the hearts of their supporters

When pageant season is in the midst of Filipinos, our population suddenly turns into critics studying and scrutinizing every performance of the queen contenders. Some have reputations that preceded them. Others prove their supporters right…or wrong, ay times. Now that we are a few days away from crowning the next titleholders of Miss Universe Philippines, here are queens who earned a passing mark, a seal of approval, and an honor of recognition from their fans and supporters.

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Within the 53 women who have been on the run to becoming the next Miss Universe, MEGA witnessed ten contenders who have been the apples of their fans’ eyes.

Victoria Velasquez Vincent, Bacoor

Daring to step into the Miss Universe stage for the second time around, Victoria’s clear and consistent vision has made her stand out from the candidates. Knowing the importance of finding and building one’s home, the 28-year-old’s advocacy for low-cost sustainable homes and safe communities echoes through her profession as an architect. As the only name from the list who has appeared in all of MEGA’s top picks from the previous challenges, VVV will surely get another V for this edition—victory. 

Miss Bacoor

Tarah Valencia, Baguio

Taking Baguio’s cool air with her, Tarah makes walking into the runway a breeze with her fierce eyes and light stride. Deeply rooted and connected with her hometown, the 22-year-old firmly believes in sustainable tourism for the world. With this advocacy relevant to us now more than ever, is it Tarah’s time to shine with a crown on her head? We will find out. 

Miss Baguio

Stacey Gabriel, Cainta City

From her masterful walk to the legacy of her grandmother that she continuously upholds, it seems all right that these things precede Stacey’s beautiful face when her story transcends the criteria of beauty for the competition. Echoing the intention of inclusion and diversity that the Miss Universe Organization offers to their aspiring candidates today, Cainta’s representative gives these same values to the female inmates in correctional facilities under their care. With the hope that she and her lineage of women has given to women in prison then until today, will this be the same force that brings a win to Stacey? 

Miss Cainta

Kris Janson, Cebu

A top ten placement ten years after her last pageant? That would be a full circle moment for Kris Janson who last competed for a title in 2014. Her first time has proven her worthy of a title. Will her second chance do the same for her? Kris credits her edge to experience, and there’s truly wisdom gained from her years of hiatus. Our fingers are crossed that her comeback comes with a crown. 

Miss Cebu

Alexie Brooks, Iloilo City

Transforming into an arachnid during the National Costume segment only seems fitting for the Illongo representative. With the number of advocacies that she firmly stands for, Alexie does her best to shed light on them even as one individual. There’s inclusion and inspiration for her fellow dark-skinned individuals, sports development, and gender inclusivity. A prime epitome of a woman who refuses to be defined by societal standards, her presence is fit for the modern queen today. 

Miss Iloilo

Raven Doctor, Palawan

At 18, Palawan’s island girl is owning the very thing that people hold against her in her pageant journey—youth. Her visionary spirit and hopeful character allow her to be a voice that forces change into her community and maybe, soon, to the world. With her advocacy of strengthening the rights of the children in Palawan, Raven is a living proof that age is merely a number when life is defined by impacting change into the world. 

Miss Universe Philippines MUPH 2024 Mandaue Quezon City Manila Miami Mariveles Northern California Nueva Ecija Occidental Mindoro Pagadian Palawan Pampanga Pangasinan Pasig City Quezon City Raven Doctor
Miss Palawan

Cyrille Payumo, Pampanga

Much like the scrumptious food that Pampanga has to offer, the region’s representative is also serving and eating up this year’s Miss Universe Philippines edition. Cyrille stands tall and with a pasarela performance to watch out for after overcoming her experience of bullying in her childhood. With the same welcoming embrace that the people of Porac have offered her, she is giving back this life-changing inclusivity by advocating for the indigenous communities in her hometown. 

Miss Universe Philippines MUPH 2024 Mandaue Quezon City Manila Miami Mariveles Northern California Nueva Ecija Occidental Mindoro Pagadian Palawan Pampanga Pangasinan Pasig City Quezon City Cyrille Payumo
Miss Pampanga

Ahtisa Manalo, Quezon Province

The international stage has seen her powerful force as a woman. It’s high time that the universe feels it, too. Seasoned by her tenacity from building a life from poverty, Ahtisa knows that success is not something that’s handed to her. But if there’s one thing that people need some reminding about her, it’s this—”she has already built a life for herself even before the crown. It’s a dream for her, and not a stepping stone. Her life and purpose go beyond it. Now that she has laid all of her cards to the table, it’s a matter of fate and faith for Quezon Province’s contender. 

Miss Quezon Province

Tamara Ocier, Tacloban

From the graceful sway of her hips to her slithering national costume performance, Tamara has proven herself to be a strong contender in this year’s Miss Universe Philippines competition. But apart from the theatrics of her performance in the challenges, she is a determined advocate for reproductive health in the community. A true standout from the candidates, will her duality of meeting the expectations in the beauty and advocacy department earn her a spot in the top ten? 

Miss Tacloban

Anita Rose Gomez, Zambales

Let not her striking beauty queen-like body proportions fool you. Despite possessing the natural grace of a beauty queen, she opens up that beauty is beyond her pursuit as a queen. For Zambales’ representative, it’s her personal advocacy of quality and transformative education that fuels her to bring her best self into the stage. With this mindset coupled with her beauty, it’s just a matter of time before we find out if she will win the hearts of the judges.

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 MUPH candidates Talisay Cebu Toledo Tuguegarao United Kingdom Virginia Zambales Anita Rose Gomez
Miss Zambales

Did your favorite queen make it to the top ten? Let us know who else you think is worthy to be part of this year’s top 10.

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