FAQ or Fiction: Everything We Need to Know About Cream Silk’s Newest Product

FAQ or Fiction: Everything We Need to Know About Cream Silk’s Newest Product


Endlessly salon-perfect hair is now attainable with Cream Silk

Learning something new is how we grow and develop. Whether it’s a new found skill or knowledge on information we haven’t researched on before, it’s always a great feeling knowing that we have grown in some way. Figuring out how else we can elevate our look is also an exciting journey, whether that’s with our body, face, or even hair. Cream Silk is completely on board with always pushing to be greater, which is why their Salon Expert Daily Treatments, where each variant is infused with Keratin to promote hair health, are opening our eyes to see how else we can expand our knowledge in keeping our hair healthier than ever.

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However, not everyone is aware of quite a number of things about treatments, especially one that isn’t being done at the salon. To increase our understanding on what they are and how they work, here are the answers to five frequently asked questions.

What is a treatment, and how is it different from a conditioner?

To put it simply, a treatment aims to intensely repair already damaged hair, as well as to maintain heavily treated hair. It may be used daily or weekly, depending on our hair’s overall state. Meanwhile, conditioners are a shampoo’s go-to partner for everyday manageability. They’re also perfect for those with virgin or lightly treated hair to make it soft, smooth, and shiny.

How would we know if we need to use a treatment for our hair?

If we’re avid fans of going to the salon to get our hair done with the use of a variety of chemicals, it’s best to finally consider inserting a treatment in our routine. Whether we have hair that’s heavily treated, salon-processed, or just simply heavily damaged, grabbing a treatment for ourselves may just be the right route to take.

Can treatments replace the use of conditioners?

Treatments focus on repairing intensely damaged hair, while conditioners address the need for soft, smooth, tangle-free hair. This is why it’s highly encouraged to alternately use the treatments and conditioners, for both products to be able to make our hair healthy and shiny at the same time.

How do we use a treatment, and how often should we even incorporate it in our routines?

Using a treatment is as easy as it gets—we just massage it from the middle of our head all the way down to the tips of our hair to lather every strand with product before rinsing after a full minute. Treatments can be used everyday or weekly after shampooing, and should be used alternately with a conditioner.

What is the new Cream Silk Salon Expert Series Daily Treatment?

These are Cream Silk’s newest range of at-home treatments that offer not only damage repair from salon processes, but also boost overall hair health and beauty. Apart from repairing damage, we get to revitalize our hair with their Keratin Damage Repair that has Collagen Dual Serum, as well as their Keratin Rebond Straight with Amino-Infused Dual Serum. The former is ideal for those who need intense regeneration, while the latter should be the unquestionable choice if we have salon-straight hair.

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Keratin Damage Repair Tub

₱ 250.00

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Keratin Damage Repair Sachet

₱ 7.00

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Keratin Rebond Straight Tub

₱ 250.00

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Keratin Rebond Straight Sachet

₱ 7.00

If you want to know more about treatments and Cream Silk’s latest products, visit their official website. Get your hands on your own Cream Silk Salon Expert Series Daily Treatment by dropping by your nearest supermarket or department store. You can also check out their Shopee, Lazada, and UStore pages for a much quicker transaction.

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