Get The Best Fashion Advice From These Stylish Filipino Moms

Get The Best Fashion Advice From These Stylish Filipino Moms


To celebrate the superwoman in our lives, we asked few stylish Filipino moms their best fashion advice.

Growing up, we always hear the dictum, “Mothers know best.” In fact, we literally sang that phrase when we were young along with Donna Murphy in the movie, Tangled. Fast forward to our lives now—even if we’re already adults—our mothers always give the best advice.

Whether it may be in cooking, decorating, style, or even in relationships, they never fail to guide us in making the right decision. So perhaps, we may well assume that it’s perfect to ask fashion advice from stylish Filipino moms. After all, these women we interviewed actually took their style game up a notch, proving that motherhood is a fashion opportunity worth seizing.

Geewel Fuster

What do you get when you’re an architect by profession and a style savant on the side? A foolproof combo of being trés chic. Given Geewel’s expertise in architecture, she is able to impeccably translate her knowledge of the color theory and structures to her looks.

From a figure-forming dress to a power suit ensemble, she has always made it a point to stand out. Geewel shared to MEGA, “As a mom, style is a statement where I can express myself and feel good inside. Being stylish has been dictated to my lifestyle ever since. Now that I’m already a mom, it is an extension and rendition of who I am now as a person. Matured, confident and less complicated. It is a metamorphosis of my journey to fashion where I am excited to find out each season.”

So for her fashion advice, “Function and comfortability are on top on the list whenever with the toddler or kids. For work, always try to look what your work is. Anything in between should be about your individuality.” But in case you want to play it safe, she suggested to opt for basics but add spice by accessorizing.

Kai Lim

Kai Lim is half Japanese and half Filipino. Whenever we see her in socials, she effortlessly radiates with so much beauty. So the moment you add her impeccable panache to that, you may start wondering how is she able to balance everything—from fashion, beauty, to business.

Given that she’s one of the five women who created the well-curated lifestyle boutique Cura V, it’s only fitting to ask the best style advice from her. Kai told MEGA that moms should never stop feeling good about themselves. “It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed with all the roles we need to fulfill. But always make it a point to do something that makes you feel good,” she explained.

“Some may say it’s the last thing they want to think about [because] they’re exhausted,” Kai added. “But really even if it’s just wearing that new lippie during school pick up or taking out a fun pair of shoes for lunch with your kids, these little things are a good pick me upper!”

Dr. Aivee Teo

Dr. Aivee Teo: the woman behind the ever posh Aivee clinic. It’s already been settled that white coats truly make a doctor look good. But Aivee begs to differ for she doesn’t need a white coat to look ravishing. Regardless if she’s visiting her clinics or attending socials, she never failed to arrive looking sophisticatedly fabulous.

And with her vast collection of designer clothes, we definitely look out for her #OOTDs—especially if it’s in video format. So when we asked her for fashion advice, she said to “Look for clothes that highlight your figure well. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different prints and colors.”

Aivee also shared that adding that extra effort to get fit and lose a few pounds will definitely make all your clothes look better on you. But more than that, be sure to “be confident of yourself and love yourself. [Because] a confident mom is a fashionable and sexy mom,” she ended.

In the long run, these stylish Filipino moms prove that motherhood will never mean it’s the end of being fashionable. In fact, regardless of your profession and age, you can always wear stilettos, sundresses, or leather jackets as long as you are confident in your own skin.

This mother’s day, let your creativity flow naturally. After all, echoing what Aivee said, “being a fashionable mom is pretty cool nowadays!”

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