Fashion ASMR: Rating Designer Pieces As Heard On Bryanboy’s Tiktok

Fashion ASMR: Rating Designer Pieces As Heard On Bryanboy’s Tiktok


With the rise of ASMR videos in the world of content creation, Bryanboy takes this challenge to the next level as he incorporates fashion in this brain-tingling exercise.

Yes, it is entertaining and soothing when we listen to people eating a variety of dishes in ASMR Youtube videos in front of a shotgun microphone. But have you heard of fashion ASMR? If not, well, looks like it’s your lucky day, because OG blogger Bryanboy just started a whole new trend on TikTok.

The thing about ASMR is that it has this peculiar sense of tingling that just seems so relaxing. It’s something that all of us neglected to hear, simply because it’s the quintessential sound made through mundane human behavior. Now, how ASMR works vary greatly from person to person. Some—if not most—people don’t get it at all. Add to that fact that the science on ASMR is basically non-existent.

We can’t deny the fact that hearing these sounds can trigger a sense of enjoyment. And for style savants like us, just by merely watching and listening to a fashion ASMR (like scratching the sequin-embellished jacket or tapping the magnetic locks of the bags) made us drop all the things we’re doing. So, from Prada, Hermès, to Saint Laurent, we decided to hop on this trend and chose the best and worst designer pieces based on what we felt while listening to Bryanboy’s fashion ASMR.

Wardrobe Wars

@bryanboyFashion ASMR ##TikTokFashionMonth♬ Fashion ASMR – bryanboy

In this clothing ASMR, the blogger matched high fashion brands against each other like Prada, Miu Miu, Raf Simons, Ami, Commes des Garçon, and Margiela. Now, let’s start with the worst sound. Our votes go to Raf Simons and Commes des Garçon. The former was not soothing at all, while the latter’s sound wasn’t entertaining to the extent we barely heard anything.

But for our best picks in this list, it would undeniably go to Ami’s sequinned embellished jacket and the Margiela artisanal white duvet coat. These clothes sounded like impeccably played music to our ears. And let’s face it: these are the type of fabrics we would automatically caress upon seeing.


@bryanboyLuxury Designer Handbag ASMR♬ Luxury Bag ASMR – bryanboy

Whether you’d like to agree or not, bags will always be a status symbol in the world of fashion. We are defined by the choice of our bag. However, perhaps it’s also about time to consider the sound that they would make? Come to think of it, we need to get the most ROI as possible from splurging on these luxury bags.

Upon listening to the ASMR of the designer bags of Bryanboy, we have come up with a conclusion that our least favorites would be Hermès and Loewe. Now, Hermès leather has the best no doubt, but we weren’t just sold by the zipper’s sound. As for the latter, we must admit that we instantly just looked at our nails and cringed a bit.

But the best designer bag ASMR will go to Louis Vuitton and Lanvin. There’s just this feeling of relief whenever we close our flag bags and hear the magnet immediately locking without the need for us to make necessary adjustments—and this was what the LV Pont 9 made us feel. As for the Take-Out bag, the tapping of the tops handles had that depth in the sound which was undeniably soothing.

So, that’s all for now rating our best and worst fashion ASMR picks. meow.

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