Fashion Game Changer: All The Details On Alodia Gosiengfiao’s Looks

Fashion Game Changer: All The Details On Alodia Gosiengfiao’s Looks


This month’s MEGA cover star Alodia Gosiengfiao is re-imagined as the different leaders of new utopias. Read an excerpt of her cover story below.

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Who didn’t have a crush on Alodia Gosiengfiao? For those who grew up to and along with the cosplayer-gamer-model-TV-presenter-vlogger (and singer-pianist-actor as per her Wikipedia page), she was—is—the dream girl. She’s the real life inspiration and proof that being unapologetically real to one’s self does indeed lead to success.

And not just any old kind success, but a game-changing, disrupt-the-industry level of success.

When she first burst into the scene in the early aughts, many people were instantly besotted, regardless if they were into anime, comics, gaming or simply alive and able to see. Geek culture was still on the rise, but many, especially the media, were to quick to catch on Gosiengfiao. As a cosplayer her splendid creations turned digital daydreams and anime characters into real life. Here she is an an Avenger, a warrior from the distant future, a humanoid, or even a G.I. Joe character. It helps that she looks splendid herself, all long limbs, delicate facial structure and a seemingly natural rapport with the camera. As the cosplay, anime and gaming industries grew, so did her popularity. TV beckoned, as did publication features, endorsement contracts and collaborations with companies that you may have heard of like tech giant Facebook and top smartphone brand realme, the daring wunderkind that dominated its market in a short span of time (3 years to be exact), much like Gosiengfiao herself. For both industry mainstream audiences, she’s the face of the scene. Now, at 33 years old, Gosiengfiao is all woman, poised to take on and take over an industry that she’s played in for almost two decades.

Here are the stories behind each transformative look of Alodia Gosiengfiao:


With hygiene and sterile environments becoming a priority, the future shall focus on the health sector as fashion transforms into more clinical looks.

Triangle white dress by JAN GARCIA, white feather headpiece by USHI SATO and white strappy sandals by GUILTY PLEASHOES


The use of masks may be the new norm so researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brigham and Women’s Hospital published designs for a prototype face mask that could be as effective as an N95, but that can be sterilized and reused.

White corseted draped dress by MARA CHUA, white feather headpiece by USHI SATO and white strappy sandals by GUILTY PLEASHOES


As we approach the future, culture and heritage have to evolve with it. With local brands pushing for the use of indigenous fabrics and metalwork, tribes are being supported while honoring the culture that lay the foundations of today’s fashion.

Multi-colored embellished harness top and printed pencil skirt all by  RUSSELL VILLAFUERTE, T’boli brass bangles, rings and chokers all by NAWA


Today’s youth are rising up to the challenge as they continue to support local. From fabrics to jewelry and accessories, indigenous pieces and craftsmanship are dubbed as cool today.

Multi-colored bodysuit by HELEN PIECE, black knitted bra and pink knitted leggings both by ROD MALANAO, T’boli bangles (used as hair accessories) by NAWA


Music and the arts have become the forefront of rebellion and gateways to the future. With technology easily melding itself into this sector, the future we see is loud and bright.

Orange cropped top with fabric overlay and trousers both by JAN GARCIA, jewelry by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN


From cryptocurrency to NFTs, the world of art and commerce is evolving into a digital-only sector that is nowstands as a $2.48 trillion.

Pink taffeta ball  gown by MARA CHUA, printed top by  MARINE SERRE and jewelry by LVNA BY DRAKE DUSTIN


Sustainability has been fashion’s greatest problem since the beginning of fast fashion. Though brands are lessening waste and improving their processes, are we still moving too slow to achieve a future where fashion becomes a steward of world preservation?

Brown skirt suit and plastic layer by NHEI SALVADOR DEL ROSARIO


Green clothing, or pieces created using hemp, bamboo and recycled plastic is slowly becoming part of the fashion vernacular. Through this, the plastic problem is reduced. Although the issue of microplastics are still an issue, this has become a good step for a more eco-friendly fashion industry.

Nude tailored top, skirt and plastic skirt all by CON CORDETA and black gloves with pleats by LANZ ANGELO

Read about how Alodia Gosiengfiao found confidence in a virtual world in MEGA’s October 2021 issue now available on ReadlyMagzter, Press Reader and Zinio

Creative direction JANN PASCUA assisted by BRIE VENTURA
Fashion direction JEB FRONDA assisted by MIKA REYES
Shoot coordination ERICA LUNA and MAE TALAID

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