Fashion Trends to Forgive But Completely Forget This 2024

Fashion Trends to Forgive But Completely Forget This 2024


Discover 2023’s fashion misfires—from the return of ballet flats to questionable low-rise revivals, and the strong comeback of Y2K

Trend cycles are sprinting at a pace that would make them disappear as soon as they arrive. It’s as if the gods decided to swap out the hourglass for a stopwatch. Blink, and you’ve missed the latest craze. And while these may have made sense for a short period, they definitely don’t need to make another comeback in 2024.

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Ballet flats

Fashion Trends to Completely Forget This 2024 BALLET FLATS ZARA
Zara’s campaign of black ballet flats

The undeniable comfort of the best flats for women is tempting enough for office-goers to consider a heel-to-flat swap. However, ballet flats don’t make the cut. There are more aesthetically pleasing and better-designed flat alternatives, such as loafers or Mary Janes. Beyond the style factor, unstructured ballet flats lack the necessary support, a crucial consideration for those spending extended hours on their feet. Interestingly, the style is making unprecedented strides in menswear. The question lingers: Was this crossover truly necessary?

Micro bags

Fashion Trends to Completely Forget This 2024 JACQUEMUS SS23
Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2023

When Jacquemus introduced the Le Chiquito mini top handle bag in 2019, it sparked widespread fascination. Coinciding with the trend of miniatures, including a certain Japanese food trend, these pint-sized bags took the spotlight. However, for all their curb appeal, these tiny bags fell short in the practicality department. Fast forward to now, and the mantra seems to be: the bigger, the better.


Fashion Trends to Completely Forget This 2024 MIU MIU FW23
Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2023

The pantless trend emerges as stars boldly shift their focus to leg-centric ensembles. No miniskirts here—just a daring departure from traditional pants, making waves from high-fashion runways to the everyday streets. While not inherently distasteful, perhaps this trend needs a few more years to fully embrace a fabric-free future.


Fashion Trends to Completely Forget This 2024 HEAVEN BY MARC JACOBS Y2K
Heaven by Marc Jacobs’ Y2K campaign

The Y2K resurrection struck this year like a déjà vu nightmare: dresses awkwardly hitched over jeans, belts seemingly in a battle for supremacy in terms of sheer enormity, low-rise jeans attempting an ill-fated comeback, velour tracksuits reminding us of our regrettable past choices, graphic baby tees making a less-than-thrilling return, bedazzled trucker hats, and below-the-waist belts forming a cacophony of cringe. Welcome to the era where the past not only repeats itself, but also throws a party that never seems to end, even if you want it to. 


Blumarine Spring/Summer 2023

The low-rise also rises. The return of the low-rise trend unveils midriff-revealing trousers and figure-hugging trends, evoking memories of the early aughts. It was an era marked by the promotion of a beauty ideal limited to slender, youthful, and predominantly Caucasian standards. Confronting this divisive trend, one can only aspire for its eventual disappearance rather than prolonged persistence.


Fashion Trends to Completely Forget This 2024 CROCS LIL NAS X
Crocs holiday 2023 campaign with Lil Nas X

Despite collaborations with the likes of Balenciaga, where the avant-garde met the everyday rubber clog, and even teaming up with Justin Bieber for a Bieber-approved collection, the effort to elevate Crocs to haute couture heights fell flat. It turned out to be a strange blend of comfort and high fashion, one that didn’t quite work. Comfortable, yes; chic, not so much.

Addressing the hyperactive pace of fashion trends might require collective intervention from designers, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts alike. Perhaps a conscious shift towards embracing timeless styles over fleeting fads could be the antidote. After all, a wardrobe that withstands the test of trend-time is the true haute couture. But one truly timeless thing? Sustainability.

Photos: ZARA, JACQUEMUS, and BLUMARINE (via website); MIU MIU, HEAVN, and CROCS (via Instagram)
Featured Image: HEAVN (via Instagram)

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