Our Fave Fashionistas That Are Surprisingly Cole Sprouse Die-Hard Fans!

Our Fave Fashionistas That Are Surprisingly Cole Sprouse Die-Hard Fans!


At today’s press conference with Cole Sprouse, we not only met the #GlobalBenchsetter himself but also our favorite fashionistas—who turned out to be diehard fans of the actor!
Actor and artist, Cole Sprouse has got everyone anticipating his visit to the Philippines ever since he was announced to be an international endorser of local retail giant, Bench. So you can only imagine the electric energy in the room while we waited for the star to hit the stage during his press conference today.
While he recently gained fame playing Jughead in the hit series, Riverdale, some of us still lovingly remember him when he was a little boy. Whether as the tiny, smart-mouthed half of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody or even going as far back as Ross Geller’s son, Ben in Friends—which is when I was first introduced to Cole—everyone in the media conference shared their fondest memories of the actor.
Which led me to wonder: why do all these people love Cole Sprouse? We asked our favorite style stars that graced the event.

Issa Pressman

“Before I could say a number of reasons, but after actually watching and hearing from him in person, I could just say that he is so smart. So smart—that’s all I could say!” – Issa Pressman

Melissa Gatchalian

“I like him because he’s into photography; I love all his work. He’s really artsy and really smart.” – Melissa Gatchalian

Patricia Prieto

“I already like him before because of Riverdale, but it was such a plus today that everytime he opened his mouth, I would put my phone down because I would have to listen to him explain something. What the heck, this guy is so intelligent! He’s so different from how you think he’s actually is. Wow, I love him even more! I want to dress like him!” – Patricia Prieto

Vina Guerrero

“He’s so handsome and he’s so smart. And he’s Jughead!!” – Vina Guerrero

Georgia Schulze-Del Rosario and daughter, Nadia

“I was scrolling through Tumblr and I saw his pictures and he’s actually really cute! But then someone would get mad at me if I said I liked him, but then Riverdale came out and I just started really liking him!” – Nadia

Whatever your reason is for loving Cole Sprouse is, we’re sure that everyone in the press conference were endeared to the actor with his cerebral answers punctuated with his signature humorous wit that showed off his personality and passion for his craft!
Catch him today in SM MoA and Glorietta!

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