Hardworking Dads Share How to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Hardworking Dads Share How to Achieve Work-Life Balance


We rarely notice the things our dads do for our benefit and often take advantage of their sacrifices that open the door of success for us. Right now, it’s their time to take the stage and bask in the spotlight.

These days, traditionally feminine household roles such as managing family time, taking children to-and-fro school, and helping children with homework, are being shared by both parents. Gone are the days that tasks were divided as feminine and masculine. This, however, gave birth to a career dad’s dilemma on how to pull off dual roles as a businessman and a hands-on dad.

For Father’s Day, we found three amazing dads who make juggling family and work lives seem easy, as if it’s second nature to them. Meet the super dads of today’s generation.

1. Eric Thomas Dee

CEO of Kraver’s Canteen, son of a famous restaurateur, dad of two

As cliché as it may sound, Eric revealed that the principle of working smarter does the trick for him when it comes to balancing family life and work life. “Being a dad made me realize how hard my parents worked to get us to where we are today. [So], I would like to pay it forward and make sure that I work smarter for my kids’ future,” he shared.

Eric Thomas Dee photographed with his wife Kidd Tan Dee and their two sons

“Making sure that we take breathers and stop to reflect on the important things—seeing the kids grow and mature rather than spending countless hours in the office—has been a key to work-life balance.”

Eric Thomas Dee on his secret to balancing his work life with his family life

To Eric, taking a breather looks like beginning and ending his day with his own ritual. “[I] definitely need my morning coffee before anything else, [then] a good glass of wine to calm down the nerves after a fast-paced work schedule.”

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2. Jun Sunga

Photographer, entrepreneur, dad of three

Both a family man and a businessman, Jun acknowledges that sometimes it is difficult to fit personal and work appointments in a single day. “Most days feel like 24 hours isn’t enough,” he answered. “So, on days that you are able to rest, rest up. Resting includes just chilling with your children and your wife, or even just having a social activity like basketball, biking or football.”

Jun Sunga carrying her daughter Isabella on his shoulders by the beach

“No matter how difficult it sounds you need to keep your mind fresh, your skills sharp, your body healthy, your heart happy, and your faith strong. Rest!”

Jun Sunga on how he manages to fit more time into his daily routine by resting

When not working, Jun admits allowing his wife to pamper him. “My wife gives me facials from time to time,” he shared. “I play it cool and say I don’t need it, and that it doesn’t matter, but in reality I do and it does make you feel good, inside and out.”

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3. Chris Greatwich

Coach, retired national football player, dad of three

Chris recognizes the struggle that dads go through daily, especially if they are away on most days. “It is very hard to get the balance between work and being a father. It is something I struggle with every single day,” he disclosed. “I spend a lot of time away from my family, so the guilt you feel when you’re apart can be crippling.”

Chris Greatwich striking a pose with his sons Julian (on the left) and Nico (on the right)

Nevertheless, Chris remains positive as he takes on this challenge in his role as a dad of two boys and a little girl. “It is important that you’re not being too hard on yourself when you’re trying to build a better future for your children,” he insisted. “The key is to make sure you demonstrate the importance of hard work daily in your business life while still being present and available to your children when you’re with them at home.”

“Sometimes you have to put your phone away and simply sit down and have an uninterrupted dinner with the family, or read [your children] a book at bedtime, because for me it’s the small things that really matter in your home life.”

Chris Greatwich on ensuring he gets to spend time with his children

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