These Are Our Favorite MEGA Covers Of The Past Decade

These Are Our Favorite MEGA Covers Of The Past Decade


With the decade coming to a close, the MEGA Team looks back at its most memorable covers.

Every year, MEGA has always been taking its covers up a notch. Month after month, we do our best to find and feature the next big thing—from rising and relevant stars to international artists. The most crucial piece of the puzzle, the face of the cover holds a distinction of being memorable, as well as encompassing the entire issue being published. Whether they be recurring figures or fresh standouts, we do our best to tell and visualize their story in the best way possible–as they so rightfully deserve, too.

But while we do love all of the personalities we’ve put the spotlight on, armed with the ingenious creative, fashion, and beauty directions behind it, there are still a handful of covers that definitely stands out in memory. So, to cap this decade in publishing, each member of the MEGA team spills their favorite cover in the past ten years.

Catriona Gray, June 2019

“Insightful. Undaunted. High-Spirited. For MEGA’s June 2019 cover with Catriona Gray, the Miss Universe 2018 proved how she can conquer the world with her beauty, brains, good character, and with the Philippines alongside her. I love how she braved Empire State while making a positive impact on everyone she comes across and fulfilling her Miss Universe duties.” – Ali Hernandez, Digital Beauty & Features Writer. 

Pia Wurtzbach, Kylie Versoza, and Megan Young, June 2017

“The NewPH campaign was created to honor individuals who have brought pride to the Philippines regardless of what industry they belong to. And in every June issue created, one thing that truly stuck in my head was the covers of these three beauty queens donning exquisite gowns depicting our country’s colors. The moment I saw these MEGA covers that spread like wildfire on the internet, there was only one word that came out of my mouth: POWER.” – Daniel Reyes, Digital Fashion Writer.

Maymay Entrata, March 2018

“This cover has a special place in my heart because this is the first cover reveal I got to witness as part of the One Mega Family. Maymay Entrata paves the way for the new generation of inspiring women in our country, and I think it’s pretty significant that we remember her becoming of a MEGA woman as we start a new decade. It’s one thing to see her on the cover of a MEGA magazine, but it’s another thing to have the whole process documented and shared with millions of people. This cover is a game changer and I look forward to seeing more as we kick off 2020 with bigger plans, newer takes, and a stronger team.” – Elyse Ilagan, Digital Features Editor.

“The #MakingMEGA cover with Maymay Entrata will always have a special place in my heart. Apart from it being my first time to join the #MakingMEGA cast, the shoot on its own was no less than magical. Inspired by fairytale classics—from the blush gown of Aurora to the iconic blue ball gown of Cinderella—Maymay stunningly embodied the princesses we all know and adore. Shot against the beautiful towers of Heidelberg Castle and around the old town square, that cover was definitely a dream come true for all of us.” – Jann Pascua, Associate Creative Director.

23rd Anniversary Issue, February 2015

“MEGA has always been the pioneer in pushing for the freshest faces and most powerful of potentials. The February 2015 issue features a now-signature MEGA tableau, with the most girls in a cover, no less. I’ve always been enthralled by a tableau cover—the blocking of the girls, the careful planning it entails, the intricate styling and placement of the colors, and the overall energy of the shoot.” – RJ Roque, Style & Social Media Editor. 

Melai Cantiveros, January 2011

“How can you choose just one?” I exasperated when challenged to come up with a singular cover that strikes two paths as a favorite and a definitive legacy of MEGA magazine. With a rich library to choose from, a lot factored in narrowing it down from a little over 120 to 8 and finally, to just one. Seesawing between many things, personal taste and its ability to compel to look closer, the main criteria anchored itself on what Suki Salvador would constantly remind us before: To push the creativity forward.

A metaphor to many things, the January 2011 Transformation Issue, MEGA took Melai Cantiveros, then a fresh-faced reality TV success story with a vibrant and robust personality, and distilled it into a realization of grace, primal instinct, and confidence. While many saw a fashion deus ex machina, what with the leopard-printed dress draped with stark faux fur, stacked silver links, and a precise ponytail that even Ariana Grande would envy, I saw a possibility. This was, by all means, a milestone and a memory, but for me, it represented a promise that despite our points of origin, we are all meant for something greater, something deserving of the efforts we put in, and something that fulfills a personal destiny.

It was in January 2011 that the country, and perhaps the world, took notice of Melai Cantiveros as more than just a pleasant surprise on MEGA’s opening salvo for the year, but for me, that was the year that would begin what still stands to be an enduring love affair with the title that has given me a space to create, to exist, and to make things matter, continuing to push narratives forward nearly a decade later.” – Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, Digital Content Editor. 

Nadine Lustre, April 2018

“Nadine’s cover where she was drenched in the sun and effortlessly emulated a water nymph has to be the most memorable not only to the fans but also to me. It was the first-ever cover that I did and our fashion editor gave me complete creative freedom over everything, which made me even more nervous. We were told beforehand that three other magazines will be shooting her as well for that month, which added more pressure.

With all of that in mind, I knew it had to perfect, and I also wanted to prove myself. I over-thought everything and over prepared to the point where there were so many clothes, our fashion editor was actually able to shoot another editorial. Next thing you know, it launched various photos of fans posing like her and the cover was all over social media. It’s one of her most iconic covets and she’s still everyone’s Summer Siren until today.” – Lyn Alumno, Fashion Associate.

Anne Curtis, September 2013

“Back in 2013, I was a college freshman obsessed with magazines. MEGA’s cover with Anne Curtis in South America definitely elevated my standards of what a magazine should truly look like. Everything about the cover—from the crisp portrait of Anne to the seamless combination of color—made me want to pick it up. It didn’t look like it was trying so hard.” – Marella Ricketts, Beauty & Features Associate.

Regine Velasquez, January 2019

“It’s the first time I styled Regine for a solo cover. As a huge fan of Regine, it was such a great honor and great pressure for me to style her into not just a timeless and relevant icon, but a star that has achieved legendary status. I used to listen to her as a kid and she has gotten me through ups and downs of my life. This cover will forever remain special in my heart because it was a validation that I have also reached my star.” – Jebby Fronda, Fashion Editor. 

Charo Santos-Concio, March 2014

“There have been so many stunning MEGA covers in the past decade, but a favorite of mine remains to be the Charo Santos-Concio cover in March 2014. She is, without a doubt, a true MEGA woman whose intelligence, accomplishments and character supersede even her remarkable beauty. Team MEGA showed her cool, modern side, setting a trend for coats and tousled hair and smudgy, sexy makeup. I was new to MEGA then and seeing that cover come to life was proof of the magazine’s authority and ability go against the current.” – Trina Epilepsia-Boutain, Managing Editor. 

Erich Gonzales, Julia Barretto, Kathryn Bernardo, and Maja Salvador, September 2014

“For the first time ever, MEGA flew not one but four of the biggest stars of their generation mainly Maja Salvador, Erich Gonzales, Julia Barretto, and Kathryn Bernardo. Shot in the vast and rich landscape of the Northern Cape in South Africa, the issue was also the thickest the magazine produced—436 pages. Lastly, it will always be memorable to me for this is the first issue as editor in chief.” – Peewee Reyes-Isidro, Editor-in-Chief. 

Kathryn Bernardo, November 2016

“All cover shoots are difficult to produce especially the ones in uncontrolled environments. This cover was difficult to make because of the long air and land travel, the unpredictable weather, the sheer weight of the couture, and the difficult hike to the perfect spot. After all that, we were able to make a cover that showed Kathryn at her most beautiful against the land of fire and ice. The moment was magical.” – Suki Salvador, Creative Director.

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