YouTuber Faye Balbacal Shares Her Life-Changing Secret to Getting Clear Skin

YouTuber Faye Balbacal Shares Her Life-Changing Secret to Getting Clear Skin


SKIN1004’s Centella Basic 5 Set is definitely a game changer for the skincare routine of Faye, whose YouTube channel already has 1.97 million followers

It’s not everyday that we discover the perfect skincare product for our concerns. Everyone who has had a skincare regime for some time now knows that it’s a whole lot of trial and error that can even make things worse. But once we find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there’s no looking back. Just like us skincare junkies, YouTuber Faye Balbacal is completely familiar with products that don’t live up to expectations, so discovering the SKIN1004 Centella Basic 5 Set was truly a life-changing experience for her because finally, her skin concerns have met their match.

“I grew up with oily and acne-prone skin. So sudden pimple breakouts and skin-colored bumps don’t surprise me at all,” said Faye. While she may be used to the sudden appearance of irritation on her skin, it doesn’t mean she’s happy with them at all. Having an oilier-than-normal complexion is even one of the things she hates the most. It took her multiple tries and even terrible allergic reactions to some drugstore products before she “Finally found the ‘one’ that brought magic to my skin.”

Consistency is key

As someone who is used to getting bumps on different areas of her face, Faye knows she has to keep up with a strict skincare regimen for visible results. This is why she was consistent in using the Centella Basic 5 Set of SKIN1004, and has already seen the positive benefits of each product in only a matter of weeks. She added, “I continued using the products for two [more] months, and I would say that my face has become even much better.”

The beauty inside every packaging

She starts her morning and night skincare routine with the non-sticky Centella Cleansing Oil as it melts away dirt and grime sitting on the skin. Compared to other oils in the market, this is an all-in-one sebum care product that doesn’t irritate the skin and pores thanks to its addition of plant-based oil. Along with it, Faye also uses the Centella Ampoule Foam that can eliminate 92.69% of fine dust and unseen residue with its 33% high quality Madagascar centella asiatica extract, an ingredient that is utterly unique to SKIN1004. This provides a soothing effect to the skin that has been affected by stressors from an external environment.

Once Faye is done with those two products, she moves on to the Centella Toning Toner. Unlike the toners she used in the past, this product from SKIN1004 doesn’t redden her complexion, which simply means it’s a non-irritating exfoliator that’s suitable for sensitive skin. Faye also explained, “I also love that it contains whitening and anti-wrinkling properties where my skin will surely benefit a lot in the long run. There’s no itchy or burning sensation to the skin even if I apply it twice a day. It just feels like I dampen my face with water-drenched cotton.”

The last two products from the Centella Basic 5 Set that keep meeting Faye’s standards are the Centella Ampoule and Centella Soothing Cream. The former, which she considers is her favorite out of the bunch, is made of 100% Madagascar Centella asiatica extract, giving her the ultimate glow that every girl wants while making sure it looks firm and healthy as well. This product also calms the mad bumps on the skin and restores the smoothness of a complexion that is roughened by external stressors. She even said, “A few drops and gentle dabs can bring my fresh skin back after a tiring day.”

Meanwhile, Faye considers the latter as her “Primary defense against possible skin irritation.” It gives additional nourishment to her skin barrier for maximum protection thanks to ingredients like ceramide, fatty acids, and cholesterol components that are properly blended together.

Aside from the fact that Faye was already into Korean skincare, the benefits of the SKIN1004 Centella Basic 5 Set are also huge factors as to why she’s recommending them to her family, friends, and fans. From their glowing and moisturizing properties to clearing and healing effects, it’s no surprise that she simply can’t get enough, and hopes that her loved ones go through the same life-changing experience she had.

Just like Faye, you can also create a transformative skincare routine for yourself through SKIN1004 and their Centella Basic 5 Set that’s available on Shopee and Lazada. To stay updated on upcoming products and events, follow them on Instagram.

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