February Beauty Releases That Make The Perfect Practical Valentine’s Gift

February Beauty Releases That Make The Perfect Practical Valentine’s Gift


From couture cosmetics by Dior to natural skincare from Korean brand NACIFIC, here are some of the beauty releases this February to wow your partner with.

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Are you the type to always be on the lookout for the best beauty finds? Or are you in the quandary as to what trends are ruling the beauty sphere currently? Do you have a penchant for products that don’t just talk the talk but also walk the walk when it comes to sustainable practices and naturally-derived ingredients? 

Lucky you then, because you’re in the right place at the right time with this article. We’re dishing out all the new beauty releases this February from renowned brands that you won’t help but splurge from. With the day of love coming in, these fresh releases also make practical Valentine’s gifts for your significant other or maybe even a self-love present for yourself. Why not, right? Whoever the receiver, this will surely put a smile on their face. 


Dior’s freshly released limited series, New Look collection, is ironically in with the old. The French Maison paints its classic cosmetics and best-selling fragrances in the brand’s timeless design code: the houndstooth check. 

The use of the brand’s signature print comes in perfect tune with the celebration of Dior’s 75th anniversary. It also gives back the glory to Christian Dior’s creative genius—the way he drew inspiration from his anglophile passion for this iconic pattern. There’s truly no other print that has gone through the seasons with Dior. Time and time again, it has been reinvented with contemporary flair. 

This black and white check has stood the test of time, intact and elegant. Today, we see it continually evolving to fit the current generation’s modern tastes—most currently in the spheres of make-up and perfumes. 

Rouge Dior

What better way to celebrate the supremely elegant Dior print than to partner it with another iconic product of the House? The Rouge Dior is transformed: its sumptuous lipstick bullet now bears the houndstooth pattern and Dior signature band at the center. It can’t get more “Dior” and classy than this. 

Its colorways pay homage to Dior’s two legendary shades. First, the iconic red 999 and its velvet finish that has flattered all women and skin tones since it was crafted by Monsieur Dior himself back in 1953. Second classic shade is the Nude Look Velvet 100 which is a reinvention of the New Look greige from 1947. 

Fact: Before it adopted its modern moniker, Dior 999, it was merely a combination of shades 9 and 99 created by Christian Dior for his models to wear on the runway. 

Joining the two timeless shades are four other colorways that range from rosewoods to milky nudes. Part of this collection is the new 312 Incandescent shade which sports a satin finish and milky nude tone with a hint of yellow. 

Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion 

Place your foundation in true couture fashion with the cushion’s modernized houndstooth check case with the signature Dior logo band front and center. 

The item, even without its revamped structure, is already a well-loved item. It keeps its tried-and-tested formula; infused with a minimum of SPF 35 and wild pansy extract for freshness and long-lasting hydration that’s compatible for 24-hour wear. Made available in three iconic shades: 0N, 1N and 2N and two finishes: luminous matte and dewy glow. 

The New Look Collection stays true to its modern attitude and is proudly part of Dior’s eco-design approach. Both cosmetics carry a refillable format. How sustainable!

La Collection Privée  

On the other hand, here comes the La Collection Privée all dressed in the timeless black and white check, too. In true limited edition fashion, this revamping is only made available for Dior’s 3 leading fragrances: Gris Dior, Lucky and Jasmin des Anges

Fragrances that once sported immaculate white cases are now featuring the pattern all over. Like an opulent gift, it is delicately covered in a wrap of toile fabric. A touch would signal an overall slightly grainy texture and ensue a feel of the houndstooth check underneath your fingertips.  

Taking on an even grander transformation, the bottle is also decorated with the pure lines. But here, the squares take on a more ethereal feeling—floating freely and ambiguously like delicate petals. 

To put a bow around this elegant gift, the final touches include the La Collection Privée in an opulent houndstooth check presentation box with a blaring red lining. The precious fragrance is nestled in a pochette.

The impressive and sumptuous new look of these products are all thanks to the Creative and Image Director of Dior Make-up, Peter Philips

“Christian Dior was one of the first to introduce this traditionally masculine fabric pattern into his infinitely couture creations. This daring shift inspired me to create this limited-edition makeup collection, the New Look collection.”

Peter Philips

Adding to the New Look Collection’s appeal and modern femininity is none other than the elegant and stunning Natalie Portman. With perfect attitude, she fashions the Rouge Dior in 999 velvet finish paired with the Dior Forever Couture Perfect Cushion. 

Interested in buying? Purchase your very own New Look collection in Dior’s flagship store located in the first level of Greenbelt 3. 


It’s 2022, but are you still struggling with dark circles under your eyes? Allow the reimagined GinZINGTM Eye Cream to take full control of the sitch. The crowd-favorite rings in the new year with a bang with two new components. 

To beat stubborn puffiness under the eyes and to boost hydration, Origins mixed in with their original formula Niacinamide and Vitamin C. 

Include the GinZINGTM Eye Cream in your skincare routine or even before you put on your concealer. Yes, it’s lightweight and thin enough for layering when doing make-up! 

This product is also perfect for you if you’re a firm supporter of sustainable practices. It is not only vegan but its packaging is also 97% post-recycled. 

To prove its transformative capabilities, Origins conducted a test composed of 110 subjects. In 4 weeks, 93% of the participants reported that their eyes looked brighter, more radiant and refreshed. In terms of instant results, 89% said that their eye area looked bright and more radiant as well. Long term-wise, 86% of the people during the clinical testing showed visibly reduced dark circles. 

The cream comes in two brightening tones: Original and Warm. The first is suggested for those who carry fair-to-medium skin tones and cooler undertones. On the other hand, the latter is recommended for consumers who have medium-to-deep skin tones and warmer undertones. 

Welcome a radiant glow that comes with deeply refreshed brighter skin around the eyes with this February beauty release. Purchase this crowd-favorite from its kiosk in the Beauty Section of SM Megamall.


The Korean cosmetics line takes pride in never deviating from its mantra: “The Beginning of Natural Beauty”. This 2022, it is back with another collection of research-backed skincare products that patronize healthy ingredients derived from nature—the Origin Red Salicylic Acid line. 

It consists of three well-loved products: a toner, spot cream and wash-off serum. The whole line utilizes the brand’s patented ingredient, DERMA-CLERATM. It is derived from cynanchum atratum extract and works to soothe sensitive and irritated skin.

The beauty of these is that they are filled with powerhouse ingredients like AHA & BHA, but still retain their identity as products that cater to those who have sensitive, problematic and acne-prone skin. 

AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid works hard to exfoliate dead skin cells and later on, leave your skin glowing. Toiling hard by its side is BHA or Beta Hydroxy Acid. Unlike AHA, this ingredient penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin and eradicates debris that clog pores. If not taken care of, these dirt accumulate into pesky acne, blackheads and whiteheads. 

Include this February beauty release in your skincare routine today by shopping hassle-free in Shopee Mall


Another brand welcoming February with a fresh beauty release is the DAILY BAR. And dare we say, the launch arrives at the love month with impeccable timing, as this home based business touts each of its products as “expressions of love”. 

Offering a whiff of wellness, the 2016-launched SME adds two new lovely scents to its plant-based, non-toxic hand and body wash pipeline. Rest assured, each fragrance is not just formulated out of the whim. Rather, just like all of DAILY BAR’s products, these also underwent a meticulous process that left no stone unturned. 

Rosemary and Elemi 

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s hard to unwind even when it’s  time to finally let your hair down. However, with the Rosemary and Elemi variant, you can ease into a state of relaxation in no time. The scent is reminiscent of the crisp morning breeze. Paired with aromas of fresh rosemary, you’ll soon find yourself enveloped in a blissful state. 

It not only comes with serene aromatic notes, but it also has in tow multiple health benefits. By means of the infused Elemi oil that’s sourced from the bark of Pili trees, it rejuvenates skin by promoting blood stimulation and detoxification. 

Calamansi and Lemongrass 

Dreaming of a vacation surrounded by a lush tropical landscape? In need of a quick pick me up because of all the languishing you’re feeling lately? This scent is the way to go. Its tangy notes of calamansi and lemongrass, inspired by the Philippines’ tropics, offer a refreshing vibe that will surely awaken your senses and give you an extra boost of energy. 

Like the first scent mentioned, this also boasts of health benefits. The lemongrass works hard to enhance skin texture and increase suppleness. All while leaving your skin smelling absolutely fresh. 

Supporting this company means that your purchase goes beyond the brand’s profits. Each item bought is equivalent to uplifted livelihoods of farmers, social enterprises and female-led workforces. Here, not only are handcrafted methods honored but also sustainability practices and community building. When it comes to fair trade practices, it’s always a BIG yes for us in MEGA. This is one beauty release in February that makes us feel the genuine essence of love—sharing it with those around you.

Grab these new scents and get relaxed whilst supporting fellow Filipinos. DAILY BAR’s wide array of products also has massage oils, balms and loungewear. Find them for sale on their Instagram and soon, their official website


The last February beauty release to make this extravagant list is Guerlain. It greets the love month with the reimagining of its iconic red lip shades—touted as the “LEGENDARY REDS”. The Rouge G Legendary Reds collection comes in perfect tune with the hue of the season: love-struck red. 

The LEGENDARY REDS collection showcases Guerlain’s expertise in lip make-up, formed over almost two centuries. It celebrates the soul of Guerlain, the House’s incredible heritage…” 

Violette, Guerlain Make-up Creative Director

Before one can appreciate the new cosmetic line though, it’s best to realize its roots and what makes Guerlain’s red the bold and iconic hue that it is today. This legend’s inception dates all the way back to 1828 when the man of the House himself, Pierre-Françios-Pascal Guerlain, gave birth to the brand’s first liquid product, Bloom of Rose

Come 1870, Guerlain welcomed its first lip color in stick form. It’s french name, Ne M’oubliez pas eloquently translates to, “Never Forget Me”. The phrase alluded to a pact signed by women for the future. Decades followed and still the Maison retained its loyalty to the hue. Its pipeline of products occasionally pointed back to the adored color. 

Fast forward to 2018, the Rouge G lipstick in customizable format was achieved. The launch came with a new creamy satin formula that would later on become a hit in the market. Last year, a new finish was also introduced—velvety matte of the Luxurious Velvet lippie. 

At present, Guerlain pays homage to the rich history and heritage that comes with the Maison’s pure love for reds by means of the release of the Rouge G Legendary Reds collection. 

The line features 3 iconic reds of yesteryear, revamped in 2 emblematic finishes and completed in 6 shades of legend. Honoring its historic inspiration, each lipstick represents the year the hue was created. Along with this, every bullet bears an engraved bee—the symbol of the House of Guerlain ever since the inception of the bottle for Eau de Cologne Impériale.

1830 Rouge Du Tigre 

This references Monsieur Guerlain’s Bloom of Rose—the flaming brick red color was the very first color made by the perfumer. The shade takes inspiration from Asian lacquer art and its elegant brown-red tones. 

1870 Rouge Impérial 

Diving extensively into red tones is this deep berry red lippie. It pays homage to the House’s first lip color in stick form, Ne M’oubliez pas. The shade features a slightly bluish undertone that would greatly appeal to the zeitgeist of the 19th century aristocracy. This hue also takes appreciation of the fabrics worn by royal figures from the past. 

1925 Roi Des Rouges 

What else could be better than a pure and intense red shade to close off this collection? The hue is unapologetically feminine and perfectly encapsulates the mood of the Roaring Twenties. Nearly reaching the century mark, this bold shade proudly remains the most vibrant in the whole collection. 

The three legendary shades come in two luxurious finishes—matte velvet and satin. 

Putting the finishing touches to this fearless and meaningful line, each lipstick comes packed in the snazzy Guerlain Red Velvet case. True to its celebration of the color, it comes in collectible versions of red: Majestic Ruby, Royal Burgundy and Luxurious Garnet. Each bears the Guerlain logo at the front.

The case makes a tailor-made outfit for the Lorenz Bäumer bejeweled case—icon of the Rouge G brand. 

Now available in kiosks located at Greenbelt 5 and Rustan’s stores near you. 

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