Felix of Stray Kids Makes His Runway Debut at Louis Vuitton During Paris Fashion Week

Felix of Stray Kids Makes His Runway Debut at Louis Vuitton During Paris Fashion Week


Felix walks the Louis Vuitton F/W24 show for Paris Fashion Week, complementing the futuristic vibe of the collection with his undeniably cool look

The lights dim, the crowd hushes, and then, like a bolt of lightning, Felix emerges with his signature swagger and killer style. A force of boldness and attitude that mirrors his striking platinum locks, the 23-year-old Australian-born rapper has stormed onto the international fashion scene with his highly-anticipated runway debut during Paris Fashion Week. As part of the 8-member boy group Stray Kids and an ambassador for Louis Vuitton, he attracted audiences with his flashy presence at the Maison’s Fall/Winter 2024 show.

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Louis Vuitton F/W24

Designed by Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, who marks his tenth anniversary with the Maison, the rapper’s ensemble brought out the modernity that was needed to complete the vibe of the whole collection. Leading the show alongside Korean actress Jung Hoyeon, Felix presented his unique style and undeniable charisma on the runway. 

Ghesquière preps Felix for the show

With locks as bright as the sun’s reflection on a platinum coin, Felix graced the runway, his shoulder-length hair is a statement in itself. The white shirt hugged his form with a subtle yet commanding presence, its texture resembling the ridges of an alien terrain, inviting onlookers to explore the unknown.

The rapper gets ready for his runway debut

Below the textured shirt, the rapper sported two-toned gray trousers that danced with the light as he moved. The juxtaposition of shades created a visual feast for the eyes, akin to the interplay of shadows in a moonlit forest. Completing the ensemble were white fur gloves that embraced his hands with a softness reminiscent of freshly fallen snow. They added whimsy to the look, contrasting with the structured lines of the outfit. And nestled at his side was a gray handbag, its sleek design a testament to the marriage of form and function. Then, animal print boots come alive in the rapper’s footing.

Felix congratulations Ghesquière after the show

In an Instagram post, Felix offers his congratulations to Ghesquière after the show, as the rapper breathed life into the designer’s futuristic vision, melding novel aesthetics with daring experimentation. It was as if he was a walking embodiment of tomorrow’s trends, a harbinger of what’s to come. “I’m so happy to witness your success on the runway, I’m truly honoured to be a part of this special moment with you and the family! You will always be my inspirational artist, teacher and friend,” the rapper says. 

Felix celebrates his own debut with a bunch of white flowers

Last August 2023, Ghesquière himself took to Louis Vuitton’s social media platform at X to announce the rapper’s new role as an ambassador, praising the rapper’s audacious sense of style. This collaboration between Felix and Louis Vuitton marks an exciting chapter in both the fashion house’s history and Felix’s burgeoning career, further solidifying his status as a fashion icon in the making. Who knows where this Kid could go next?

Photos: FELIX (via Instagram)
Featured Image: LOUIS VUITTON

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