FENDI’s Haute Couture Collection Takes Minimalism To New Heights

FENDI’s Haute Couture Collection Takes Minimalism To New Heights


From asymmetrical cuts to structured ensembles, FENDI expands minimalism and explores tradition from different cultures.

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In Haute Couture, we see grand and statement pieces that embody each of the House’s values flaunt down the runway. But this season, Kim Jones and the craftspeople of the FENDI atelier decided to use fragments of the past, moving them into the present and the future in the most subtle manners. Creating a collection where minimalism is captured in extreme wearability.

Though grand structures are set aside for the collection, the collection was crafted with couture traditions with a softer and more yielding aura of simplicity and agency for the woman in the clothing. 

“In this collection, we are looking at fragments of different cities, namely Kyoto, Paris and Rome. The fragmentary nature of things is echoed throughout the collection, like snatches of memory or the impression of things past, present and future.”

Kim Jones, FENDI Artistic Director of Couture and Womenswear

As a reference to Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan, fragments of kimono fabric from the eighteenth century were found as well as the Kata Yuzen technique where a painstaking hand printing is used and unchanged for many years. Such references become the foundation for the future as both recreation and reinterpretations. 

Where concepts meet such as tradition and the modern, masculine and feminine, right through Autumn and Winter. It is where the Kata Yuzen dresses find their counterparts in the glittering crystal designs that reflect the architectonic spirit of Paris while still framing and yielding to the body.

As sophisticated structrues come into sight, a sense of French ‘Japonisme’ and art deco styles is fused through a more Italian take. With nods of masculine codes of tailoring and structured silhouettes, there is a play in fabric and techniques in the collection.

The floor-length dresses made with traditional silk panels are sliced and asymetrically reformed, creating a unique delicateness throughout the collection. And as past techniques meet present stylistic designs, cascading details fall from the fabric design that reaches a certain intensity in the final tulle gowns of the collection. 

Discover the collection on their website. Visit the new Fendi flagship boutique located at Greenbelt 3.

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