Filipino Designer Furne One Designs Two Miss Universe Gowns

Filipino Designer Furne One Designs Two Miss Universe Gowns


Get an inside look into Furne One’s gold and diamond designs for Miss Universe 2023 candidates, Egypt and Pakistan

At the 72nd Miss Universe, Furne Amato designs for two Miss Universe candidates, Mohra Tantawy of Egypt and Erica Robin of Pakistan, in a display of couture craftsmanship. The designer adorns his muses in resplendent gold and timeless diamonds, creating garments that become living embodiments of cultural opulence and individual triumphs. These creations for Egypt and Pakistan are where the luminous glow of gold and the entrancing sparkle of diamonds converge in celebration.

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Miss Egypt
Miss Pakistan

Egypt shines in gold

Mohra Tantawy graced the stage wearing the ethereal Dhahab, a name that resonates with its golden glory, with the designer’s couture ensemble encapsulating the rich heritage of Egypt. Tantawy, expressing her connection to the gown, shared, “Egypt is Golden, and GOLD is indestructible.” The gown pays homage to the divine significance of this precious metal in Egyptian culture.

Miss Egypt by Furne One

Furne One’s magic unfolded in the details of Dhahab, with Tantawy explaining, “The outfit was created by one of the most celebrated designers in the world—the master couturier Furne Amato,” with the work that went into the gown was spent more than 1,344 hours to finish the handwork. As Miss Universe Egypt 2023 shimmered in golden radiance, she became the inspiration for the golden era of Egyptian civilization.

Pakistan’s pioneering strength

Breaking barriers as the first-ever Miss Universe Pakistan, Erica Robin graced the stage in a bespoke creation, aptly named The ONE. It symbolized more than just its stunning aesthetics as the candidate shared the number has a significant meaning in her life. The dress, adorned with white diamond crystals and a bejeweled veil, stood as a testament to her journey as a trailblazer from the 1% minority of Pakistan.

Miss Pakistan by Furne One

As Erica Robin expressed her gratitude, she acknowledged the designer, saying, “Thank you Furne One Amato for bringing this sparkly masterpiece to life.” The gown, crafted over 1,000 hours, captured the essence and the significance of being the first Miss Universe Pakistan.

Furne One’s creations elevate beyond fabric and stitches, intertwining cultural heritage with the unique stories of individuals, most particularly in liberation, progress, and strength. Egypt and Pakistan, gold and diamonds, showcased through the designer’s creations, stand as powerful symbols of beauty, resilience, and empowerment of Miss Universe.


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