How These Filipino Designers Reimagined Modern Filipiniana At The ABS-CBN Ball 2019

How These Filipino Designers Reimagined Modern Filipiniana At The ABS-CBN Ball 2019


Every year, stars of the biggest names gather for one magical night, swathed in lavish gowns and decked out in fineries to take part in a glamorous annual celebration known as the ABS-CBN Ball.

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Kapamilya celebrities, personalities, and executives come in their covetable head-to-toe looks and dazzling accessories while everyone awaits excitedly for the attendees’ awe-worthy red carpet looks. This year, the theme for the 2019 ABS-CBN Ball is Modern Filipiniana, which as it seems, is a statement to celebrate ABS-CBN’s 65 years as a company that revolutionized Philippine broadcasting. To celebrate the company’s nationalism and patriotism, the ball honored Filipino culture by making the Philippine national costume the theme.

When we think about Filipiniana, what usually comes to mind are the Barong Tagalog, the Terno, and Baro’t Saya. These pieces are heavily influenced by the Spanish Era; a time when Filipino women were expected to look like a Maria Clara–wearing conservative dresses that cover their arms and legs—as preached by Christianity. While for males, the Barong Tagalog, a social symbol worn to separate the regular indios from the ilustrados.

But as we progress to modern society, dressing up has evolved too. Our Philippine national costume isn’t just something we used to wear during Buwan ng Wika. Gone were the days when we were expected to look like the traditional image of Filipinos. In fact, if there’s anything that proves our patriotism and love for the country, it’s how driven we are to fight and seek change. Hence, the Modern Filipiniana.

Last Saturday, September 14, we have seen the attendees wearing traditional Filipiniana garments with reimagined pieces. Translated to the 21st century, they wore embezzled Ternos, detailed sleeves, and geometric sparkles.

And behind the beautiful ensemble of each star is the hard work and creativity of the local fashion designers and styling teams that intricately put them together.

Here are the fashion designers that best reimagined Modern Filipiniana at the ABS-CBN Ball 2019:

1. Francis Libiran

Photo from @chaptersph on Instagram

Francis Libiran is nothing if not a grandiose visionary. As seen from the likes of Maricar Reyes, who wore a striking aqua green jumpsuit that reminds us of the sea while rocking pastel pink hair, the world-renowned designer is on the crest of a wave that doesn’t end. For his other muses, a similar swooping technique was employed in different eye-catching colors.

2. Rajo Laurel

Photo by @gp10 on Instagram

Known for his excellence in Philippine contemporary style, Rajo Laurel is no stranger to the Modern Filipiniana theme. Donning a classic Philippine terno by House of Laurel, Julia Barretto is a fair maiden dream in her white, embellished gown.

3. Furne One

Photo from @maymay on Instagram

We expect nothing but the best from world-class couturier, Furne One, who never fails to transcend risk-taking Filipino designs in his work. From Maymay Entrata’s Manila Cathedral-inspired gown to Edward Barber’s Guardiya Sibil-esque ensemble.

4. Mark Bumgarner

Photo from @kira_balinger on Instagram

Mark Bumgarner’s designs were instant stunners because of the intricate patterns. His muses, Sarah Lahbati, Jodi Sta. Maria, Kira Balinger, and Coleen Garcia exuded pure elegance in their classic yet complex Filipiniana dresses.

5. Neric Beltran

Photo from @nericbeltran on Instagram

A sure head-turner at the event is Vice Ganda who wore a collaboration piece by Neric Beltran and Paul Cabral. The Carnival Queen-inspired bejeweled ensemble is the highlight of the event as much as the Carnival Queen was the highlight of the Manila Carnival in the 1930s. Meanwhile, an early stunner of the night was Cristine Reyes who dripped in an intricate golden pearl-detailed number with a strong, pointed shoulder, which was adorably echoed in the matching terno of her daughter, Amara.

Angel Aquino, Francine Diaz, and Mylene Dizon also wore stunning pieces by Neric Beltran.

6. Michael Leyva

Photo from @yamconcepcion on Instagram

With muses, Nadine Lustre, Yam Concepcion, Andrea Brillantes, Ylona Garcia, and Janella Salvador, Michael Leyva’s pieces prove that simplicity is beauty. His classic gowns used silk and piña fabric, embellishing his designs with embroidery and jewels.

7. Puey Quiñones

Photo by @chaptersph on Instagram

Puey Quiñones experiments with asymmetrical designs for this year’s ball. As seen on Maja Salvador, the actress looks immaculate in white, fully embracing the dramatic one shoulder gown.

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