Find Out How to Stay in Shape Like Janine Gutierrez

Find Out How to Stay in Shape Like Janine Gutierrez


Interested in learning more about the hows and whys of Janine Gutierrez’s healthy habits? Here’s a breakdown of the celebrity’s latest fitness routine, as seen on her Instagram

While regular exercise is integral to a healthy life, we can’t deny that it’s helpful for cosmetic reasons, too. After all, achieving the appearance you want to have is a great way to boost your confidence. For some people, part of that process of change involves having a fitness inspiration. A famous celebrity like Janine Gutierrez is one such common fitspiration as the actress proves time and again that she works for the body she has. If you’re interested in learning a little more about the actress’ fitness routine, keep reading for our list.  

Strength training

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As we’ve learned from our conversations with trainers, you shouldn’t stop at cardio if you want to be in shape. You should balance it out with consistent strength training, also known as weight training or resistance training. Through this, you can build muscle, improve your endurance, and boost your overall health. You can also go the extra mile by hiring a certified personal trainer to have a structured strength program. The actress’ personal trainer is Inigo Hizon, who is an acclaimed “Booty Builder” and celebrity-trusted coach. On her glute days, he has her performing moves like squats, lunges, deadlifts, hip thrust⁣s, and hip abduction⁣⁣.


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Even on your off days, you can find challenging yet rewarding ways to move. For Janine, this means a game or two of tennis. The sport is an especially beneficial hobby to have since it has many reported health benefits. For one thing, playing tennis can boost your heart health and coordination. And since it’s such a high-intensity aerobic exercise, it can help support your weight loss or maintenance.


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The actress completes her workout routine with pilates, for which she goes to Options Studio. In this particular video, Janine uses toning balls to—as the name suggests—further tone her muscles. Toning balls are weighted to present an additional challenge to a pilates exercise, and by using them as she is, you can further enhance your shoulders, arms, and core as well.

Healthy diet

Janine Gutierrez's Fit Kitchen order
Janine Gutierrez's The Cauli Stop order

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All that being said, working out and staying active aren’t the only things you should be juggling if you want to achieve your fitness goals. As Janine shows, nutrition is something that she doesn’t neglect. For her, this means eating healthy and balanced meals prepared by food delivery services like Fit Kitchen and The Cauli Stop.

Photos and Videos: JANINE GUTIERREZ (via Instagram)

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