Find Your Signature Scent with Dior’s Newest Statement Maker

Find Your Signature Scent with Dior’s Newest Statement Maker


Picture yourself walking into a room without making a sound and heads turn in your direction. Even long after you’ve gone, the trail and aura you’ve left charges the air and makes a difference around you. Whether it’s a bold and in-your-face aroma or something quieter that makes you feel truly yourself, this spritz-on fearlessness is what sets any fragrance apart from a wearer’s signature scent.

When confidence is power, allowing women to walk with another bounce to their step is the key to a successful fragrance. Gathering the noblest raw materials, the perfumers at Dior have developed a unique yet harmonious bouquet fully capturing that energy in J’adore Injoy. This living fragrance was composed to literally “smell” like the emotion of Joy. The scent serves as a tribute to Christian Dior’s passion for flowers, and is also a symbol of absolute, sophisticated and glamorous femininity.

To take on the first step on the search for your scent, Dior has been giving women a chance to indulge themselves in J’adore Injoy with an exhibit-like setup in SM Makati this past month. Perfect for the warmest, strongest and most complex women within and in our lives, treat yourself or a loved one who deserves to celebrate their J’adore moments with several pampering gift sets as you venture out to find the fragrance fit for you. The pristine exhibit perfectly sets up the first step of your journey as it lays out every scent for you to test and breathe in, and once you find the one for you, the staff will have it ready as an individual bottle, or as a lovely gift set for your loved one.

Discover this unique scent that smells of Joy at the J’adore Injoy exhibit, at the ground floor of SM Makati
For more information, contact the Dior Boutique at tel. no. 957-3560 and mobile no. 0906-288-8780

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