Fit for a Queen: How to Dress Like a Modern Bridgerton Character

Fit for a Queen: How to Dress Like a Modern Bridgerton Character


Fashion and style have always had a way of taking inspiration from the past. Case in point is the Regency period of England—a time ruled by King George IV—which became a rich cornerstone of the modern world’s aesthetics of grace, elegance, and romanticism. The recent rave on the 1800s’ regal glamor resurfaced after Netflix released the latest installment of Shonda Rhimes’ hit series “Bridgerton,” leaving us wanting to wear ball gowns, feather headpieces, and diamond tiaras.

Perhaps, dressing like the women of polite society back then would appear over-the-top for the 2020s, and even unbearable in the tropical heat. But achieving that Pride and Prejudice-inspired is possible. Here are a few ways to slip some regency-core finesse into your everyday looks.

Gentle Reader, bring Regency’s regalia to your wardrobe today; Photo: KYLIE VERZOSA (via Instagram)

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Mix and Match Your Corset Top

Nothing screams period drama more than a corset top. Although the laced bodice piece constrained movement and squeezed women’s waists to an inverted cone shape in the old days, the corset has now evolved from an undergarment to a versatile top. The modern corset can be worn with jeans and trousers, layered over a button-down, or under a blazer. Having this on will hug your curves to their most flattering state, and elevate your outfit to a comfortable cinched look.

Julia Barretto corset top regency era
The corset plus jeans equation is turning into a classic trend; Photo: JULIA BARRETTO (via Instagram)

Choose an Empire Waist Summer Dress 

Jeans who? Jane Austen doesn’t know her. Before women were introduced to a pair of pants, dresses were the only option. And we wouldn’t mind if all dresses were intricately tailored for us by the modistes. The empire waist dress is the staple piece of high society. It distinctively has its waistline raised just below the bust, creating a drapey and beautiful flow of fabric that makes you look a little bit taller. Wear this waistline for a regal silhouette on your next brunch date or picnic party. 

Empire dresses add a regal feel to your summer vibe; Photos: SUE RAMIREZ and ALEXA ILACAD (via Instagram)

Express Yourself Through Sleeves

Another way to achieve a feminine and playful look is to go wild with your sleeves. In the 19th century, Short puff sleeves were also a go-to style. Keep them lowkey in bishop style, or go with the bigger sleeve if it balances out the other minimalist pieces in your outfit. Short straight sleeves that hang just above the elbow, or petal-shaped tulip sleeves are different alternatives if you’re not fond of the puff. Meanwhile, a long straight sleeve would work best for colder night outs, snatching Kiera Knightley’s Elizabeth Bennet wardrobe.

Regency style modern wardrobe closet Phyllis Quek Bridgerton puff sleeves
Regency style modern wardrobe closet Gabbi Garcia Bridgerton puff sleeves

Let your sleeves steal the outfit show; Photos: PHYLLIS QUEK and GABBI GARCIA (via Instagram)

Bear Your Collarbones with a Square Neckline

Your neckline could also give an elegant touch to your everyday ensemble. Square neck tops bare just enough skin to tease without the fear of going too daring. Highlighting your collarbones and naturally creating an elongated neck, this style—especially with wide straps or playful sleeves—will effortlessly make you stand like nobility.

Square neckline Regency daily wear Bridgerton Anne Curtis
Adding accessories is a good pair to one’s square neckline; Photo: ANNE CURTIS (via Instagram)

Step Out in Dainty Pumps

While Georgian-era women may have their footwear covered by their ankle-length dresses, the shoes are still important in giving that romantic vibe. Complete your look by sporting a pair of simple flats or kitten heels. Go with the coquette flair of today with an extra aristocratic effect of the past by opting for a pair with a lovely bow design. When it comes to running your daily errands, you can never go wrong with heeled mules and the classic Mary Janes.

Dainty pumps style Ashley Garcia
Dainty pumps style Julia Barretto

Wearing dainty pumps are a practical and stylish choice—then and now; Photos: ASHLEY GARCIA and JULIA BARRETTO (via Instagram)

The Smaller the Purse, the Better

Handbags in the past came in the form of a reticule. Known as a staple piece from the past, it resembled a drawstring embroidered pouch for ladies to carry their ornate visiting cards and money. Today, we have the micro bags. Out of work, you can adopt this minimalist piece on days when you opt to leave your laptop or chunky water flask.

Even with their size, micro bags dare to stand out; Photos: KYLIE VERZOSA and GABBI GARCIA (via Instagram)

Accessorize with Choker Necklaces

Finally, the finishing touch of a refined necklace will make you feel like the season’s diamond. A choker that sits high and tight around the throat complements lower and square necklines. Although the debutantes in high society go all out on diamonds and precious stones, you can achieve the same sparkling effect in the modern world with simpler variations. Go for pieces with ribbons and pearls, as well as charms and pendants.

Nadine Lustre regency era Bridgerton daily wardrobe style inspiration fashion

Chokers of all types complete your Regency-inspired accessory, dear reader; Photo: NADINE LUSTRE (via Instagram)

Featured Image: SUE RAMIREZ (via Instagram)

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