Fit for You: Gender-Neutral Clothing Arrives in New Balance With Uni-ssentials

Fit for You: Gender-Neutral Clothing Arrives in New Balance With Uni-ssentials


New Balance takes the “one size fits all” definition to a new level with a line of sportswear essentials that is engineered based on body type, not gender

Arguably, fashion is still binary. Every clothing category in major fashion retailers are still split between a men’s and women’s section. Sure, it favors shoppers as a convenient way to find what they’re looking for, like a cozy pullover or a basic tee, but the primary reason as to why the split still exists is sizing. New Balance aims to topple this structure with their new Uni-ssentials line that makes sizing charts based on gender alone so passé.

Back to basics

With no hesitations and limitations of conventional sizings split into men’s and women’s markets, the focus now turns to what clothing should be about: comfort in your own style. Uni-ssentials by New Balance is exactly that step forward into a more inclusive, modern, and gender-neutral approach to closet staples. The line is engineered with no men’s-women’s split in mind, making each contemporary sportswear piece not being specifically “for” anyone, but simply being for you. 

Innovative sizing for this collection overlaps the measurements of traditional men’s and women’s sizes for a more versatile wardrobe, whether yours or a communal one with a partner. Traditional S-XL sizing has been reworked into a new system. Their tops, for example, follow a unique sizing chart ranging from U1 to U5, with each block measurement being based entirely on body shape and measurements. 

SizeSimilar To
U1Women XS-S, Men XXS-S
U2Women M-L, Men S-M
U3Women L-XL, Men M-L
U4Women XL-2XL, Men L-XL
U5Women 1XL-2XL, Men XL-2XL

As sportswear basics continue to stand its ground as a foundation of modern style, especially given the home-bound lifestyle and dress-down approach to fashion over the past couple of years, Uni-seentials is a must-keep for your wardrobe to last a lifetime.

To compliment this new clothing line, the multi-generational sneaker favorite New Balance unveils the new unisex XC-72. In tandem with the Uni-ssentials, this new model includes two new colorways to compliment the line of gender-neutral apparel: Spring Tide and Eclipse, Black and Calm Taupe, and NB Burgundy. Angular, experimental, and with the trademark comfort the brand is known for—the XC-72 is the future the past dreamed about.

To learn more about Uni-ssentials and the new XC-72, visit their Viber Community and Facebook page.

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