Five Designer Racer Jackets You Can Add to Your Wardrobe

Five Designer Racer Jackets You Can Add to Your Wardrobe


Keep up with the trend with these designer racer jackets

Streetwear takes a sudden turn as a new sport rushes to the lead. Though it’s been a steady climb for those who are enthusiasts, and many might have seen the sport in their socials, it’s only a matter of time for their stylistic elements to be incorporated in the world of fashion.

Just recently, fashion brands have taken a liking to the tight silhouette and dynamic shades racer jackets have. And in the streetwear scene, models like Bella Hadid and personalities such as Kylie Jenner and Julia Fox were seen strutting the streets in their chosen racer jackets. So if you’re currently on the lookout for one to add to your closet, we listed down five pieces that give your aesthetic a nice edge.

MM6 Maison Margiela

Adorned in a desaturated yellow green shade, this racer jacket includes simple details such as the zipper on both sides of the bodice—giving an effortless vibe with a pop of color. 


For those who want the ultimate racer jacket in a casual form, this gray piece with orange stripes going down the sleeves will give your daily ensemble an elevated streetwear aesthetic. 


Fendi offers a deconstructed version of the usual jacket with its unfolded collar, but once it’s clasped at the neckline, it’ll definitely give your number a subtle sultry detail because of the open hem. 

Louis Vuitton

If you’re the type to not shy away from daring looks, this silver clad graphic jacket is a must for the dauntless. Finished with minimal panels and a black leather patches, it’ll give your looks a modern edge. 


Whether it’s a monochromatic look or a casual white tee and denim ensemble, a silver racer jacket clear from any patchwork or embellishments will definitely elevate any look you’re going for. 

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