Five New Local Musical Acts That are Blowing Up Online

Five New Local Musical Acts That are Blowing Up Online


Nowadays, we turn to TikTok and IG Reels for new tracks to add to our playlists. Here are five local artists that are currently blowing up online.

There’s no denying that Original Pilipino Music, a.k.a. OPM, is going international. The Philippines houses too much talent in the arts for it not to go viral online. Whether it’s pop music or R&B, there’s sure to be something that the local music scene has conjured to satisfy your ear buds. It’s all a matter of finding the right tunes to create your content with or just a few songs that you can listen to during your free time.

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If you’re starting to get stuck in a rut with new songs to play, then why not check out these total bops that are blowing up on the Internet? They feature new local artists that have been rising to the charts, and newly minted creatives that are making a mark with their own sound.

“Follow the Sun” by Arthur Tan ft. Massiah

This song is the brainchild of a new innovative local record label, After The Noon. It features one of their artists, Arthur Tan, who is also the President of the label. He partnered with Massiah from Careless Music to create an uplifting and fun track that took over the worldwide web after their release party in HQ, Poblacion.

“Sleepless” by Papayasoak

Justin Wieneke, who goes by his artist name Papayasoak is an independent artist who created his first track called “Sleepless,” which was produced by Kindred. Despite this being his debut song, the artist was also in viral songs like “Baby Come Thru,” and is a member of the Careless Music team.

“NVMD” by Denise Julia

Talk about girl crush! Denise Julia stole our hearts with her many viral TikTok songs. She’s known for her amazing sense of fashion, hot girl mentality, and lit performances in local bars around Manila. “NVMD” is a song being used for both TikTok videos and IG Reels.

“Twin Flames” by LESHA

LESHA hits us with another viral hit with “Twin Flames.” The young artist, a former MEGAStyle cover girl, is skyrocketing to international fame after the success of her new album, and she has also been featured in several news outlets.

“Madali” by Lola Amour ft. Al James

Lola Amour is here to stay with their new track, “Madali.” The song features OPM rapper Al James who adds a special twist to it. Their music video for the track now has around 2M views on YouTube.

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