Five Things You Can Do to Achieve Inner Peace Like Maxene Magalona

Five Things You Can Do to Achieve Inner Peace Like Maxene Magalona


Just like the actress, you can make yourself your own best friend through these five activities.

When we talk about communication skills, we sometimes assume that it’s between ourselves and another person or a group. We often tend to forget that one of the ways  interpersonal communication will truly thrive is if we also find it in us to spend time with ourselves from time to time. As the saying goes, “You can’t give what you don’t have.” 

World peace may be a vision long dreamed of by others, but inner peace is as essential as it, too. Each of us is a big universe, and making sense of these different parts of ourselves will take a lot of time and experience to unfold.

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One of the celebrities who has been keen on inner peace is actress Maxene Magalona. With the occasional promotions of her projects comes posts of motivation and inspiration to become healthier and happier individuals. 

In fact, her Instagram account has grown into a source of reprieve from her audience through the insightful captions and snaps that she has shared. 

If you are in need of clarity and alignment after a breakup, a stressful workday, or just feeling like you need motivation, here are five ways you can find inner peace like Maxene. 

Move your body

You’ve heard it from Elle Woods—exercising produces endorphins a.k.a. the happy hormones. And while it may sound like a broken record by now, it’s true.

Your pent up emotions can make you implode anytime. But as you move, you are channeling the negative energies all over your body until they exit slowly but surely. For starters, why not try the slow movements of yoga and pilates? The more you move, the more you will think to yourself that you are not just stuck to one bad day or phase—you can move forward. 

Try it homemade

Take out meals and easy deliveries are what’s in and convenient these days, especially for busy bees. Once in a while, though, opt for making your own! One, getting acquainted in the kitchen is a necessary life skill; and two, knowing what you’re eating is a way of monitoring your health as well. 

If you’re up for a challenge, try coming up with easy to difficult dishes that you can try baking or cooking, such as a quick salad or some chocolate chip cookies!

Bond with nature

Plants are more than just decorative ensembles inside our homes. They are living things who need some TLC just like humans, too! Taking care of them can give us a sense of responsibility and add some sort of relaxation in our abodes. 

If you have the means to do so, try walking around a park or going on a nature trip to explore what Mother Earth has to offer. The world is so much cooler, literally and figuratively, with greenery around us.

Open a book

From learning new words to empathizing with characters and personas, reading feels like a break from your own reality. Wanting to go on an adventure? Try a sci-fi fiction story! Looking for some support in word form? A nonfiction collection may be your next read. Expand your world through reading!

Pig Out Alone

There is some level of comfortability when you’re able to eat out by yourself without the worry of being deemed as lonely or antisocial. Besides the perk of having all dishes just for you, the conversation-free meal can be used to devour the next episode of the series you’re catching up on.

Kidding aside, finding time to connect with yourself will aid you in realizing your goals, strengths, and weaknesses. In no time, connecting with yourself and others will be easy-peasy!

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