Five Times Janella Salvador and Jane De Leon Gave Us Big Chemistry Energy

Five Times Janella Salvador and Jane De Leon Gave Us Big Chemistry Energy


While they’re pitted against each other as rivals on screen, both Janella and Jane know they are better together!

Oftentimes, chemistry is boxed in a definition limited to love teams. While that is undeniably one of the reasons why an audience can stay tuned to a show, there is another form of connection that sparks a deeper form of chemistry between two people—a protagonist and an antagonist. It takes a good villain to bring another side of the hero, and Darna and Valentina have mastered that class act. 

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Of course, that DarLentina chemistry would not be possible without the real-life friendship of Jane De Leon and Janella Salvador. The two have been making a lot of good noise on social media, and it’s not just because of their Narda/Darna and Regina/Valentina roles—it’s also because of their genuine relationship off-screen.

With that said, we give you the five times JaneNella showed chemistry with their pure, unadulterated partnership from reel to real: 

Janella supporting Jane as Darna

Even before the premiere, this generation’s Valentina already expressed her support for Jane as Darna by sending some good words her way. We love a queen supporting another queen!

DarLentina adding color to Darna

Both actors excelling in their own right, netizens noticed how well Janella and Jane execute their roles respectively. The on-screen power of the duo are making fans tune in to more scenes of Narda and Regina, as well Darna and Valentina’s.

Jane greeting Janella’s son on his birthday

The Darna star shared a goofy moment between Jude and Janella just in time for the former’s second birthday. Fans are now calling the trio “Triple J.” 

Jane pranking Janella on set

Janella may be the villain on-screen, but it looks like Jane has more tricks up her sleeve. In a video posted on Twitter, Janella revealed that someone hid her phone on set, and the laugh of the prankster was obviously Jane’s. 

JaneNella enjoying their Las Vegas moments

From an Instagram live full of laughter, a Daphne and Velma post-Halloween look, to post-ASAP interactions, it seems like Jane and Janella had a whole lot of fun in Sin City together.

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