For the First Time Ever, Wowie Awards Gives Recognition To Homegrown Queer Artists

For the First Time Ever, Wowie Awards Gives Recognition To Homegrown Queer Artists


A round of applause to Precious Paula Nicole as she wins the Breakout Star Award. Meanwhile, Marina Summers, Eva Le Queen, Prince, and Paolo Ballesteros are nominees at this year’s WOWIE Awards.

While the thought of having most of the Drag Race Philippines cast as exhibitors, performers, and panelists at the upcoming DragCon in LA is making our hearts swell with pride, the recent announcement of the WOWIE Awards is the cherry on top. Current winners from across the Drag Race international franchises were announced to receive the Breakout Star award, which includes Precious Paula Nicole (Philippines), Spankie Jackzon (Down Under), Paloma (France), Admira Thunderpussy (Sverige), Danny Beard (UK), Drag Couenne (Belgique), Gisele Lullaby (Canada), and LA Diamond (Italia). 

The WOWIE Awards is World Of Wonder’s tribute to the best in LGBTQIA+ entertainment, trailblazers, activism, artistry, and pop culture, with the Warhol-ish soup cans awarded to winners in each category. First introduced in 2013, the awards coincided with World Of Wonder’s annual holiday party until last year when they included it as a closing event at DragCon LA.

This year’s nominations signal the expanding appreciation for diversity in the industry and act as evidence that drag is cutting across cultural boundaries and bringing together people from around the world. As Drag Race widens its reach, Filipino talent is poised for world domination. Let us show our love and support to our Filipino queens by voting at least once a day over at

From dreaming big and aiming high as Drag Playhouse sisters to being cast together at the inaugural season of Drag Race PH, the fate of Marina Summers, Eva Le Queen, and Prince seems to be entangled. They have been nominated for their remarkable contributions to the global queer entertainment industry, emphasizing the growing impact of local power on the world stage. 

Marina Summers is nominated alongside part-Filipina Anetra in the Wowlebrity On The Rise category, aka The Can’t Get You Out Of My Head Award. “Pilipinas, World, let’s make this happen! Make your Filipina Winnah claim her rightful WOWIES Award,” Marina Summers said on Instagram.

“Iba talaga ang gandang Filipina! Such a huge honor to have been nominated for a WOWIE,” Eva Le Queen said on Instagram. She is acknowledged as one of the best beauty gurus and is up for The Painted Award.

Paolo Ballesteros and Prince created TV gold during the first episode of Drag Race Philippines with Paolo’s utterance of disgust towards Prince’s choice of footwear. This moment is being honored as one of the best viral moments of the year.

TS Madison is set to host the 2023 WOWIE Awards on the second and last day of DragCon (May 13). Meanwhile, other Filipino nominees this year are Rock M. Sakura (Best YouTube Channel) and Patrick Starr’s ONE/SIZE (Best Beauty Line). Past nominees include Alec Mapa (Best Twitter, 2014), Patrick Starrr (Best Instagram, 2015 & Best Social Influencer, 2018), Jiggly Caliente (Best Drag Queen Music Video, 2018 and Best TV Moment, 2019), Bretman Rock (Hottest Hottie, 2022), and Olivia Rodrigo (Best New Artist, 2022). Past winners, on the hand, were Vivienne Pinay (Ho Ho Ho with the Holiday Spirit, 2014), Bretman Rock (Social Influencer, 2017), Phi Phi O’Hara (People That Inspire Us), and Patrick Starr (Best YouTube Channel, 2022). 

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