For Your Pride: Marina Summers, Eva Le Queen, Roanne and Tina, and Paul Sumayao on Championing Queer Visibility Through TikTok

For Your Pride: Marina Summers, Eva Le Queen, Roanne and Tina, and Paul Sumayao on Championing Queer Visibility Through TikTok


Posting diverse content ranging from makeup transformations to heartfelt videos, these queer creatives are turning your For You Page into an all-inclusive online space.

TikTok is a haven for authentic self-expression in the ever-expanding digital landscape, creating a vibrant tapestry of creative content. Beyond the humor, heartfelt stories, and artistry shared, the app also has a profound impact in amplifying diverse voices, including queer narratives.

Marina Summers, Eva Le Queen, Paul Sumayao, and Roanne and Tina are among the vibrant personalities leveraging TikTok to empower fellow queers. Infusing their content with greater purpose, they foster a safer and more inclusive digital space for the LGBTQIA+ community.


PROUDLY CREATING MAGIC 🪄 Tapping into different creative outlets and styles has totally leveled up my game on stage and in life! 💃 Show off your pride and let’s create together! 🏳️‍🌈 #ForYourPride @TikTok Philippines

♬ original sound – Marina Summers – Marina Summers
WATCH: Marina Summers takes part in TikTok’s For Your Pride campaign.

Marina Summers

Drag queen extraordinaire Marina Summers captured the hearts of Filipinos upon gracing the Drag Race Philippines Season 1 stage. Her iconic performance on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs. The World Season 2 further cemented her as a Filipina Diva.

With her background in TV and advertising, she wanted to bridge the gap between drag and digital spaces. Inspired by makeup transformation videos, she began posting TikTok content during the pandemic.

In true Marina Summers fashion, she seamlessly fuses her glamorous and humorous sides in her posts. “It helped in cementing the idea of Marina Summers, especially the brand online. It democratizes creativity and inspires the whole world to discover their artistic expression,” she shared.

Marina Summers’ high-production videos and meme-worthy content quickly gained traction, leading to millions of views. However, beyond this, she acknowledged TikTok’s part in providing queer Filipinos a bigger stage to shine on. For her, TikTok is a platform for empowerment.

“It proves that not only are we worthy of the spotlight, but we are also admired,” Marina proudly asserted. With the reach she has attained within and outside the app, she has inspired queer Filipinos to express their most authentic self through their art.


Happy PRIDE! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ True PRIDE is in knowing that you are capable and worthy of living your best life! Let’s be our own Queens / Kings together! #ForYourPride @tiktokphilippines

♬ original sound – Eva Le Queen – Eva Le Queen
Eva Le Queen empowers a new generation of drag artists through her TikTok content.

Eva Le Queen

“It was love at first drag.” Leaving a stiff corporate life abroad, Eva Le Queen quickly found her calling in the art form of drag. Shortly after her debut, she quickly made her mark as the first runner-up of Singapore’s Drag It Out All-Stars. She is now well-known for her incredible run on the first season of Drag Race Philippines and the matriarch of the Playhouse, an unofficial drag agency in the Philippines.

Upon returning to the Philippines, Eva quickly realized that many locals needed help understanding drag. While it was disheartening, Eva pushed through. Then, the pandemic hit, and the glamorous world of drag artists closed down. This is when Eva and the Playhouse decided to take drag online.

“We started #KeepDragAlive and brought drag online through TikTok. It provided access to many talented individuals who wanted to explore drag.” They posted a range of TikTok content, like tutorials, transformations, and tips on elevating your drag. Soon, they realized that many young talented queers wanted to do drag but did not have the means to do so.

“TikTok provided access to all queens, all kids who wanted to take part in the art form,” Eva emphasized. Through her videos, Eva Le Queen facilitated the growth of the drag community in the Philippines.

Paul Sumayao


And Just Like Thatsss: it’s PRIDE Month! ✨️🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Our co-founder @paulsumayao shares with @tiktokphilippines why and how Tiktok paved the way for conversations around safe spaces, hair, and inclusion through #BarbierroBarbershop . 💈 Pride isn’t a party. It was and still is a way of claiming our space/s in this world. And remember: #YouBelongHere . #ForYourPride #TiktokPhilippines #fyp #fyppppppppppppppppppppppp

♬ original sound – @barbierrobarbershop on IG – Barbierro Barbershop
Barbierro Barbershop co-founder Paul Sumayao aims to affirm people’s self-expressions through hairstyles.

He is known as the co-founder of the proudly queer Barbierro Barbershop. As the eldest child in his family, he used to take his younger siblings to barbershops, where he would get stared down for his flamboyant clothing. He soon made it his mission to create a safe space for fellow queers to avail superior grooming services.

“Through TikTok, we found out that many of our transmen and lesbian brothers and sisters felt ostracized during haircuts,” Paul shared. The country’s heteronormative ideals limit trans and queer individuals from freely expressing their authentic selves through style. Believing that hair has no gender, Paul wanted to affirm people’s self-expression by giving them haircuts that make them feel good.

Paul deliberately chose TikTok as a platform to connect to a wider audience. “TikTok helped us hear their stories and provided a platform to engage with them.” This made Paul even more impassioned about turning his business into a legacy of acceptance and empowerment.

With TikTok’s support, Paul aims further to facilitate a sense of belongingness for young queers. Using Barbierro Barbershop and his online platforms, he continues creating a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community.


LOVE IS LOVE 🏳️‍🌈 Here’s to queer representation and visibility! 🥹 This year marks our fourth year working with @TikTok Philippines for their Pride initiatives. Together, let’s build a more inclusive world — one queer safe space at a time. @Queer Safe Spaces® #ForYourPride #QueerSafeSpaces #YouBelongHere #QueerPromPH

♬ original sound – Roanne and Tina 🏳️‍🌈💍 – Roanne and Tina
Queer Safe Spaces Inc. founders Roanne and Tina collaborates with TikTok Philippines to launch initiatives for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Roanne and Tina

Having faced struggles as a queer couple, Roanne and Tina are vocal advocates of love, acceptance, and inclusivity. This urged them to establish Queer Safe Spaces Inc., a Filipino LGBTQIA+ support group that offers mental health and financial literacy support to the community.
As they ventured into TikTok, they found a space to amplify marginalized voices and spark meaningful conversations. “Thanks to TikTok, we feel heard and seen,” Roanne expresses. Their increasing reach in TikTok has enabled them to advocate effectively for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Partnering with TikTok Philippines for the past four years, they were able to launch creative campaigns and transformative initiatives. This year, they are continuing to amplify their message of love and acceptance through Queer Prom: You Belong Here. The event is a fundraising initiative to establish a physical safe space center for the Filipino LGBTQIA+ community.

“We hope that through initiatives like the Queer Prom, we can provide a physical institution that addresses the diverse needs of our community,” Tina explained. “Because everyone deserves to feel validated and loved, and TikTok has been instrumental in amplifying that message.”

As a platform, TikTok’s ethos has always been rooted in inclusivity and positivity, thus becoming a safe space for self-expression. With this, these queer creatives have remolded one’s For You Page into a space to take pride in. With TikTok, they continue to pave a brighter future for the LGBTQIA+ community.

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