Forget About Couple Shirts, Because Couple Sneakers Is The 2020 Trend That We Did Not Expect To Love

Forget About Couple Shirts, Because Couple Sneakers Is The 2020 Trend That We Did Not Expect To Love


A couple that shops together, stays together. These are the 7 best couple sneakers you and your significant other should get in the year 2020.

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Say what you want about it, but if there’s one thing we learned about love in K-Dramas, it’s that matching couple outfits are cute—if and when done right. Period. But while some still insist on cozying up in complementing or straight up similar versions of their fashion, things might have shifted way below one’s line of sight. Sure, some might cringe at the sight of lovey-dovey twosomes in twinning looks, but admit it, nothing says “I love you” more than the latest trend of paired colorways and expensive sneakers.

More so, it’s the next big thing in fashion—being in a relationship and looking good in it. Look what it did for KimYe and the Jonas’. It could happen to you, too. All you need is a beau and a few of the best couple sneakers of 2020. Don’t know what they are yet? Then, just check down below. We got you. 

Nike Air Force 1

The timeless classic is found on almost every streetwear couple Instagram account. Nevertheless, the Nike Air Force 1 remains a giant in the sneaker industry as the most acceptable basic white sneaker in the market. If you and your partner aren’t into that, there’s no need to fret because the AF1s come in a dozen colorways.

PUMA Future Rider

The PUMA Future Rider is the couple sneaker for the bold. Usually color-blocked, these kicks are great if you’re both into wearing statement pieces that make an outfit pop. Despite being a sleeker fit, they still deliver the same commanding impact as colorful chunky sneakers.

Nike Cortez

The beloved Nike Cortez was popularized by a controversial on-screen couple from the movie, Forrest Gump. Remember the sneakers Jenny gave to Forrest before she left him again? Well, these are those kicks now. Feel old yet? Apart from having movie-ties, the Nike Cortez has evolved to become a highly respected silhouette in the sneaker industry.

Air Jordan 1 Retro ‘Chicago’

If I see you and your partner wearing this, I’d be so jealous. More than that, if you’re a hot couple, I’d be double jealous. Some people in life can have it all. And, if you could acquire the Air Jordan 1 Retro ‘Chicago’ in both men and women’s sizings, then you’d have the best things in life. The highly coveted Air Jordan 1 Retro ‘Chicago’ is the ultimate sneaker flex for couples.

Yeezy Slides
kylie verzosa, jake cuenca, couple sneakers
The Yeezy Slides may not be sneakers, but since they’re Yeezy we’re adding them to the list. The Yeezy Slides have been in the shoe game for about a year now, but have only dropped in the Philippines as of recent. There were only limited stocks available, but for sure, Jake Cuenca and Kylie Verzosa were able to secure a pair.

Converse x JW Anderson Run Star Hike
jw anderson converse, couple sneakers
Another fan favorite of streetwear ‘Grams, the Converse x JW Anderson Run Star Hike is for the artistic couple. These kicks have very thick soles, so it does give a bit of height. In the sneaker industry, this could be seen as something new for the men to wear. So, it’s exciting to see couples pull off androgynous looks while wearing it.

Balenciaga 60MM Triple S Faux Leather Sneakers
balenciaga triple s, couple sneakers
Lastly, we have the Balenciaga Triple S. A huge hit in 2019 and as ubiquitous as ever, these babies are still making waves in 2020 with fresh new colorways. Many couples have started to mix and match the different Balenciaga sneakers together. It’s common to see the Triple S with the Track sneaker paired together in a couple outfit. Honestly, it’s cute and if you can afford it. Go for it!

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