Former Beauty Queens That Welcomed Motherhood After Pageantry

Former Beauty Queens That Welcomed Motherhood After Pageantry


These five beauty queens turned household queens teach us that becoming a mother is a calling worth celebrating

Choosing to build a family while or over one’s career is still frowned upon by some. People think that sacrificing a job is a lost cause, and this mindset is usually associated with women. However, due to a change in perspective across generations, more and more individuals see that these women who are taking a bold step towards a different definition of success called motherhood deserve admiration.

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With that, we have rounded up five renowned beauty queens who have welcomed a different calling, but still with a graceful stance.  

Gloria Diaz

Photo: @isabelledaza (via Instagram)

In the early days of beauty pageants, a beauty queen used to be discouraged from becoming a mother even after her reign. However, the first Filipino to hold the Miss Universe title in 1969 soon added motherhood into her life. In an interview, Gloria Diaz recalled that she was a strict mother to Isabelle, Ava, and Raphael Daza. Fast forward to today, her hard work as a working mom came to fruition as all her children have become successful in their own fields.   

Shamcey Supsup

Photo: @supsupshamcey (via Instagram)

Despite serving her duty as the Miss Universe Philippines Director, Shamcey Supsup was admired by many because of her ability to balance her career and motherhood. The former Miss Universe 3rd runner-up who is now also part of the MUPH Organization has managed to fulfill her duties as a mother and remain active in the world of pageantry as a mentor to aspiring candidates. Her presence is a prime example that nothing really changed since she became a mother—the only difference is that her family became her constant support system amidst her busy schedule.

Lara Quigaman-Alcaraz

Photo: @laraquigaman (via Instagram)

As for Precious Lara Quigaman, motherhood turned her life in more ways than one. She received an incomparable source of joy from the first time she became a mother until now. In a recent Instagram post, she also expressed her gratitude to the Lord and described her children as her answered prayer. People even noticed her change of priorities when she became a mom as the former beauty queen became meticulous in choosing the roles she would play on television and film. She also became much closer to God and worked on her ministry in the church more.

Ruffa Gutierrez

Photo: @iloveruffag (via Instagram)

The life of Ruffa Guitterez is and has always been open to the public eye—from her journey as an actress, Binibining Pilipinas World in 1993 and Miss World 2nd runner up, to her marriage that led to motherhood. Apart from the scrutiny she has received as a public figure, Ruffa Gutierrez was and still seen as a strong woman. The highs and lows of her life reflect her current status as a daughter, mom, and actress. In an Instagram post, Ruffa credits her parents’ guidance for who she is today. 

Charlene Gonzalez

Photo: @itsmecharleng (via Instagram)

When Charlene Gonzalez became a mom to Andres and Atasha she dedicated her life as a hands-on mother. On her Instagram feed, we can notice how Charlene’s life as a mother revolves around being supportive of her children. She actively posts their achievements—from big to small wins—expressing how proud she is. In a recent activity where Atasha Muhlach was chosen as one of the debutantes in Le Bal Paris, Charlene accompanied her daughter in which she even documented a behind-the-scenes of her Atasha’s experience.

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