Why This Brand Wants You To Forget About Looking For That Signature Scent

Why This Brand Wants You To Forget About Looking For That Signature Scent


Before heading out the door, one of the most important things to remember is to spritz on your chosen scent for the day. This leads us to another question: with the plethora of fragrance types, how are we to choose?

French for sun and moon, local fragrance brand Soleil et Lune believes that a woman can exude whatever mood she wants with the power of scent. Rather than mulling over which signature fragrance is the one, founders Elizabeth Supetran, Pierre Addison and Kristine Dee recommend choosing a scent depending on the occasion or your mood for the day.

Crafted with the finest oils and essences from Grasse, France, Soleil et Lune features six luxurious scents that are light enough to be worn everyday. Versatile enough to also be layered with each other, these scents are personified though unique personalities. Which woman are you for today?


Light and carefree, Brigitte is a ray of sunshine. Opening with dewy greens and blackcurrants then leading to nectarines and finally, its base of peach and plums, the scent is a wonderful fruity essence.


A fresh citrus scent with a hint of musk, Simone is a sharp woman who is attractively strong and confident on the inside. With notes of grapefruit, blackberries and featuring the warmth of cedarwood, this scent will surely uplift you.


The Soleil et Lune founders revealed to us that they picture a voluptuous woman with this scent and there is no denying its sensuality that once trying it out. Made with spring blooms, Audrey opens with red apples and makes way to florals such as pink peony, jasmine and rose before ending in the gentleness of suede.


Sweet yet calling for some celebration, Gabrielle is a delightful mix of sparkling bergamot and mandarin, as well as rose petals and fig leaves. Its hints of dry amber and musk bring a sultrier side to the scent.


The fruity Juliette is bright and open to new experiences. Made with juicy pear, rose, jasmine and drying down in sweet peach and dry amber, you will surely fall in love with this fragrance in no time.


The crisp Dominique is reminiscent of a woman spending her summer by the coastal resorts along the Mediterranean Sea. Summery and cool at the same time, the scent has notes of bergamot, mandarin, florals such as rose and jasmine and orange blossoms.
Soleil Et Lune perfumes are sold at three sizes: 10ml (P380), 30ml (P780) and 50 ml (P1180).
The products are available at Firma Greenbelt 3, Co/op Manila San Juan, Robinsons Department Stores and can be ordered online via soleiletlune.ph, calyxta.com, seektheuniq.com and chicify.com.

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