Fragrance File: Beauty Lovers on the Scents That Get Them the Most Compliments

Fragrance File: Beauty Lovers on the Scents That Get Them the Most Compliments


From fresh, bright spritzes to warm, musky selections, we delve into these beauty lovers’ fragrance favorites

Scent profiles are often described as the most personal category in beauty. However, the right fragrances are crowd-pleasers, too. A whiff magnets admiration and renders a trail of ever-lasting impressions. And besides, scent-related comments are the best compliments to receive. 

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Fragrances are inarguably an interesting conversation. Below, beauty lovers reveal olfactory poetries that effortlessly earn them compliments. From fresh, bright spritzes to warm, musky selections, read on to discover more options to add to your scent wardrobe.

Mia Castro, MEGA Beauty and Features Writer 

Exploring the fragrance aisle is a part of a beauty writer’s task. But for Mia Castro, the Louis Vuitton Coeur Battant captured her attention. “It has the perfect balance between sensuality and freshness.” She continued, “It is one of the few scents that I can attest is long-lasting. Whenever I would spray this on a jacket that I return in my closet by the end of the night, the clothes beside the jacket start smelling like it the next day.” The beauty writer also unveiled that she loves wearing the fragrance on breakfast dates or romantic evenings at quiet restaurants.

Jake Galvez, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Belle Mariano’s trusted makeup artist admits that he is obsessed with fragrances. However, a standout from his collection is the Louis Vuitton Nouveau Monde. “I love oud and leather notes in my fragrances, and this scent gives that perfect loud scent that attracts so many people and it is long lasting, too,” he enthusiastically shared. “One of the few LV [fragrances] that are worth its price because it will last all night long.”

Justin Soriano, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Meanwhile, Heart Evangelista’s go-to makeup artist revealed that he is a fan of scent-pairing. In a short chat, Justin shared, “I love mixing Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia with Burberry Brit for Man. The chemistry of these scents with my body is just perfect. It commands a sweet but sultry kind of mood.”

Bianca Alecxis, Cosmetic Stylist and Content Creator

Glossier You’s millennial pink bottle can be easily spotted on Bianca’s vanity table. “It’s the only scent I wear that people literally stop me on the street for. I’ve gotten asked by people I sat beside on the subway or in a line.” The content creator also unveiled what makes the scent special for her. “I love how it smells different to everybody—I don’t mind telling people what I’m wearing because we’re not all going to smell the same. I really like how it interacts with my skin’s chemistry, and it’s all about finding scents that are just like that.”

Kirsten Ariana, Model and Content Creator

Ariana Grande’s crowd-favorite fragrances are instant compliment magnets for Kirsten Ariana. “Every time I wear Ari by Ariana Grande and Ariana Grande Cloud Eau Parfum, I get stopped and asked what I’m wearing.” She shared, “I was at an event crowded with guests and made a friend because of my fragrance!” 

Mara Go, MEGA Digital Beauty Writer

Few fragrances made quite a good impression on me, but Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 is the scent that effortlessly earns me compliments, even from strangers. Moreover, it has a poetic alchemy of amber, floral, and woody notes that embraces its wearer a mysterious and sensual aroma. It’s a scent that is hard to resist, a perfect choice for special occasions like romantic dates.

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