Francine Diaz Gets Real in Bea Alonzo’s Vlog Challenge

Francine Diaz Gets Real in Bea Alonzo’s Vlog Challenge


Besides their talents, the two actresses are known for their transparency and honest-to-goodness statements.

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The rise of video blogs or vlogs became an avenue for celebrities, especially in our country, to open themselves up and give a more honest piece of themselves to the world.

Sure, there is still so much filtering that happens in filming and editing a vlog. But in a way, vlogs allow the fans to see their idols in a new light and in a different plane besides their projects.

With 2.7M subscribers as of writing, Bea Alonzo is one of the most-watched celebrities on YouTube. From cooking videos to fun challenges, she has shown a different side of Bea on her channel.

A few weeks ago, Bea started a Lie Detector Series on her vlog where she took the hot seat and faced the juicy questions prepared by her team. From queries about exes to plans with her current beau Dominic Roque, Bea bravely answered each one of them.

In her recent vlog, Bea passed the seat to no other than actress-endorser Francine Diaz to answer questions about life, love, and career. According to the two, the vlog was their first collaboration. Bea even mentioned that she wants to work with Francine in the future!

Meanwhile, Francine shared about her childhood and celebrity experiences in the vlog. She and Bea even touched some topics about love and how show business is for them.

We hope that this is just one of the many projects that Bea and Francine will share in the future!

Photo Credit: @beaalonzo

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